Hanoi Rocks – Street Poetry

Hanoi Rocks - Street Poetry

Hanoi Rocks - Street Poetry Japanese Bandanna Box
Released on September 5, 2007 (Demolition)

Track List:
01. Hypermobile
02. Street Poetry
03. Fashion
04. Highwired
05. Power Of Persuasion
06. Teenage Revolution
07. Worth Your Weight In Gold
08. Transcendental Groove
09. This One’s For Rock’N’Roll
10. Powertrip
11. Walkin’ Away
12. Tootin’ Star
13. Fumblefoot And Busy Bee
Bonus Tracks On Japanese Edition:
14. Self Destruction Blues
15. Worldshaker
Bonus Tracks On Digipack Edition:
14. Trouble Boys
15. Fashion (promo video)
16. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (live video)
17. Highschool (live video)

Band Members:
Michael Monroe – vocals, harmonica, sax and piano
Andy McCoy – guitar, backing vocals and piano
Conny Bloom – guitar and backing vocals
Andy “A.C.” Christell – bass and backing vocals
Lacu – drums

Additional Musicians:
Mamba – percussion
Jupiter Horns – horns
Teen rascals – choir (6)

Produced by Hanoi Rocks.

When Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy decided to reunite Hanoi Rocks back in 2001/02 I was excited as hell. For me this band meant a lot as it was them who finally turned me onto the whole 80’s sleaze/glam-scene. They released their last album in the year of my birth and now, exactly 18 years later, I would be able to actually live and grow with them. Two Steps From The Move was, and still is, one of my favorite records ever, defining what rock’n’roll should sound like. When I purchased their 2002 comeback album 12 Shots On The Rocks I was content with the songs but felt that they could get on to better things. Somehow that album was missing the fun for which Hanoi Rocks stood for in their first incarnation. With Another Hostile Takeover they delivered the weakest record in their career in my opinion. After going through some line-up changes the whole thing sounded somehow unfinished song wise and production wise. Sure, there were still some very good songs on there, but for me they lost a lot of their magical vibe.

When Hanoi Rocks announced that they were heading into the studio to write a new album back in January, honestly I didn’t care much, but then there was “Fashion” – back with a bang! That song hooked me and I couldn’t wait until I could get my hands on the new album…and hell, this is the ultimate follow-up to Two Steps From The Move.

Right from the start you’ll get blown away by the up-tempo “Hypermobile” and things only get better from there on. There they are, the melodies the band were always supposed to write since their comeback. The title-track is just typical Hanoi, followed by the already mentioned “Fashion” with an ultra-catchy chorus. It would take far too long to rave about every track, even though that’s exactly what this album would deserve. Twelve killers and one funny instrumental put a smile on your face if you like the Stones, Guns N’Roses or just any great rock’n’roll band.

A perfect blend of the old fun and the new seriousness in the lyrics (Monroe actually proves that HE is a street poet!), coupled with a sensational production and a beautiful 16-page booklet make this album a must-buy for any fan of rooted rock’n’roll! NOW they are back!

www.hanoirocks.info – www.myspace.com/hanoirocksofficial – www.demolitionrecords.com

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, December 2007.

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