Hawk – Hawk

Hawk - Hawk
Released 1986 (Metal Mayhem)

Track List:
01. Tell The Truth
02. Fades So Fast
03. Into The Sky
04. Victims
05. Witches Burning
06. Battle Zone
07. The Dream
08. Rules The Night
09. Can’t Fall In Love
10. Perfect Day

David Fefolt – vocals
Doug Marks – guitar and bass
Matt Sorum – drums
Dave Tolley – keyboards
Steve Ayola – keyboards

Produced by Doug Marks.

This is the one and only album the talented band known as Hawk, they simply rock! Singer David Fefolt sounds like a cross between Lizzy Borden and Ronnie James Dio. The band’s sound is good mix of classic and hair metal.

  Tunes like “Tell The Truth”, “Battle Zone” and “Perfect Day” showcase the talent here. Doug Marks smokes on the guitar, and the rest of the band plays very tightly as well (including drummer Matt Sorum who would later join The Cult and Guns N’Roses. This album should have made the band famous; I give it two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, March 2003.

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