Hellrazor – Feel The Sting

Hellrazor - Feel The Sting
Released 2006 (Hellrazor)

Track List:
01. All Of Your Love
02. Too Much Is Never Enough
03. Bad Blood
04. Feel The Sting
05. Instrumental
06. Child Gone Wild
07. Shout
08. Who Needs You
09. Guilty As Charged

Danny E. Rail – lead vocals, piano, tambourine and background vocals
T.C. Davidson – electric/acoustic guitars and background vocals
Kasey Haze – bass guitar and background vocals
Darrin Evil – drums, percussion and background vocals

Produced by Kasey Haze. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Larry Anschell.

Hellrazor is a Canadian band that is trying to push their way up the melodic rock heap. The group is actually pretty unique, they have a crisp guitar sound with just the right amount of crunch, some furiously fast drumming and some dreamy vocals. I’m not sure everything fits together perfectly, but it is an interesting and well recorded album.

  Musically the band isn’t thrash, but has a few of those elements mixed into their melodic delivery. They have the clear sound, precision playing of normal melodic bands, but just seem faster and more aggressive then most. Yet the vocals have a sort of Sunset Strip glam feel to them and it creates an odd mixture.

  There are no songs I hate on Feel The Sting, but at the same time few really kicked my ass. My favorites are “Too Much Is Never Enuff”, “Bad Blood”, “Feel The Sting” and “Guilty As Charged”. For a new band they have crafted some interesting melodies and delivered a top-notch production.

  I’m not even sure who I could compare Hellrazor to, they seem to be blazing their own trail here. Feel The Sting is going to be one of those albums that will grow on you over time, its already starting to do that to me. For once a band is trying to be unique without being shitty at the same time.


Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, July 2006.

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