Highwire – Highwire II: Breaking Out

Highwire - Highwire II: Breaking Out
Released 2003 (Highwire)

Track List:
01. Freaking Out
02. Senselessness
03. Reality Check
04. Fight
05. Lonely Girl
06. The Difference
07. Lovein’ You
08. Little Runaway
09. Easy Life
10. Gotta Have It All

Rick Reczek – vocals
Kevin Blakita – guitar
Kenny Brown – bass
Leo Gastle – drums

Produced and engineered by Kevin Stefanski. Co-produced by Highwire.

Highwire II: Breaking Out is the sophomore outing from these East coast rockers. Highwire plays good straight-up hair metal, reminding me of Ratt and Dokken.

  An incredible vocal range and wailing guitars run through the heavier songs such as “Breaking Out”, “Fight” and “Easy Life”. “Lovin’ You” takes things to a slower pace and would be at home on any power ballad collection. The musicianship is great throughout Breaking Out as the band put all their energy into making this music, and it shows! If you’d like to learn more about Highwire you can go to highwirerocks.com. In the meantime, Highwire‘s Breaking Out gets two thumbs up from me.

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, February 2004.

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