Hillbilly Herald – Sunday’s Best

Hillbilly Herald - Sunday's Best

Released February 26, 2013 (Hillbilly Herald)

Track List:
01. Shame On Me
02. Jump Back
03. Bad Boy Bruiser
04. Greedy
05. Sucker Punch

Jimmy Herald – vocals
Mark Hill – guitar
Hawaiian Brian – guitar
Adam Wolf – bass
Louie “Seabiscuit” Riel – drums

Recently a fellow writer suggested that I give Hillbilly Herald a listen. He was raving about the Los Angeles, California band, so of course I had to hear for myself and eagerly waited for the hard copy of their EP Sunday’s Best to show up in my mail box. So when it arrived I couldn’t wait to rip the cellophane off and pop the disc into the stereo for its first test spin.

  In a brilliant move Hillbilly Herald added a bonus DVD to Sunday’s Best, which was strategically placed before the audio disc, and since it was packaged in that order the DVD went on first. The DVD is a raw performance of Hillbilly Herald blasting through a high energy set opening for Slash And The Conspirators in 2012. While the visual footage leaves a little to be desired, it did give me a baseline for what this band is capable of in the live setting. The audio superbly captured the ‘live’ vibe of the band’s gritty sound, the in-your-face attitude, and singer Jimmy Herald‘s boisterous presence.

  As stated, Sunday’s Best is an EP that features five tracks — “Shame On Me”, “Jump Back”, “Bad Boy Bruiser”, “Greedy”, and “Sucker Punch” — cut from the same cloth as Bon Scott era AC/DC. Hillbilly Herald also possess the knack of delivering memorable powerful riff driven music with blistering guitar solos, memorable choruses, and fun songs — it’s straight-up no-frills rock ‘n’ roll. Without a doubt Hillbilly Herald is a band to watch out for and a band that you ought to get to know.


Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, March 2013

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