HitnRun: ‘HitnRun’

Released on December 11, 2015 (HitnRun)

The advent of better technology, online streaming and not needing a record label to release your music worldwide has allowed a number of bands to properly record, finalize and release the music that they have always wanted the world to hear. Another likely victim of the grunge movement is the Pennsylvania, USA hard rock band HitnRun. Twenty four years after first forming, HitnRun have released their debut — yes, their debut record.

While HitnRun‘s self-titled debut album may have been released in late 2015, the songs will definitely transplant you to an earlier era and even earlier than when the band formed as far as my ears are concerned. HitnRun‘s brand of hard rock sounds like a cross between ’70s classic rock and to a lesser extent ’80s hair metal (with the guitar solos) with production that is a bit dated from that era. This appears to have been the right music at the wrong time for HitnRun as surely, if the band had been in existence back in the seventies, or even in the mid to late 80s when every hair metal band seemingly was getting a record deal, these guys would have been able to get their self-titled debut album released at that time via some sort of record label since there are definitely some quality songs on it.

HitnRun put the emphasis on melody as the songs on their debut album seem to sometimes have the brakes placed on them in terms of pace in favour of slower bluesy and melodic rock. All of the songs on HitnRun‘s self-titled debut album are good ones although there is nothing that really jumps out at me as a really memorable tune. I could certainly picture hearing some of the songs from this album such as “Shot Of Love” and “King Of The Fools’ on a classic rock radio of some kind.

If you’re looking for some quality songs that have that classic rock feel with some ’80s hair metal traces, look no further than HitnRun. I am glad that HitnRun finally released their debut album since it is clear from listening to their songs that it would have been a real shame if these songs remained buried any longer.

Track List:
01. Shot Of Love
02. Piece Of The Action
03. King Of The Fools
04. Got The Fire
05. Forever
06. Take It To The Limit
07. She’s So Wild
08. Love Gone Bad
09. Wild And Crazy Days

Band Members:
Jareth Grealish – guitar
Beckett Grealish – drums
Eric Montoya – lead vocals
Mark Sutorka – guitar
Dan Whitman – bass

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, December 2015


I am happy to inform you that HitnRun’s self-titled debut album will finally be available worldwide via digital download and streaming services December 11, …