In/Vertigo: ‘Sex, Love & Chaos’


Released in November 2018 with six songs (In/Vertigo); to be re-released on July 10, 2020 with four songs (Rockshots Records)

have been around since 2016, however, this is my first introduction to the band. Based on the Sleaze Roxx review of In/Vertigo’s first EP in 2017, I was interested to look into it. From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they have shared the stage with everyone from Diamond Head to The Lazys. Doing some research on this band, I ran across a 2019 article from the Calgary Journal entitled, Calgary hard rock band In/Vertigo keeps nostalgia alive with a modern take. Based on that headline alone, I was expecting a millennial take on our style of hair-dad-rock…. but honestly, it is a solid band interview. That headline is a positive, not a slight.

Sex, Love, & Chaos is only a four song EP, and to be honest, I really haven’t had the opportunity to check out some of their previous material. As a result, this review is about four songs only. Leading off with “Chains”, it is a rocker. It reminds me of some earlier 2010 stuff like The Last Vegas. There’s an energy and talent that permeates the basic feel of the track. I’d place “Bad Enemy” around a Soundgarden meets BulletBoys in style and execution.  Aggressive drums and solid vocals driving a good guitar line.

“The Night” is a mid-tempo bluesy number, in the vein of Johnny Lang. Some nice dark jazz vocals by Reed, and the whole track is loose and flowing. The solo shows Shaddy knows his way around constructing a blues based performance. I like it on it’s own, however, the song would get lost on a full-length album.  Finally, “Take It” has an alright guitar line, outspoken bass, and casual delivery. I just wish the song itself was more interesting. Nothing for me to really bite on here.

In/Vertigo’s Sex, Love, & Chaos is going to send me to Spotify to dig deeper into their back catalogue. My biggest complaint about this EP is it sounds a little flat technically. The production is good, but could be improved somewhat. On another note, my understanding is that long-time drummer Keaton Byfield has parted ways with the band, which is too bad. In/Vertigo really do work hard to keep the “nostalgia alive with a modern take.” Good for them.

Track List (for July 10, 2020 release):
01. Chains
02. Bad Enemy
03. The Night
04. Take It

Band Members:
Reed – vocals
Duncan McCartney – bass
Keaton Byfield – drums
Shaddy Elsaghir – guitar

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, June 2020

In/Vertigo‘s “Bad Enemy” video:

In/Vertigo‘s “The Night” video: