Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death

Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death
Released in 2003 (Columbia)
Billboard Chart Position #18

Track List:
01. Wildest Dreams
02. Rainmaker
03. No More Lies
04. Montsigur
05. Dance Of Death
06. Gates Of Tomorrow
07. New Frontier
08. Paschendale
09. Face In The Sand
10. Age Of Innocence
11. Journeyman

Band Members:
Bruce Dickinson – vocals
Dave Murray – guitar
Adrian Smith – guitar
Jannick Gers – guitar
Steve Harris – bass
Nicko McBrain – drums

Produced by Kevin Shirley and Steve Harris.

The true kings of heavy metal released a new album in 2003 and I am not talking about the overrated alternative rock band that still goes under the name Metallica! I’m talking about the true kings of metal — the guys that never would sue a fan of their music — lead by Mr. Edward the Great, I am speaking of IRON MAIDEN!

The album starts out with a very upbeat metal tune called “Wildest Dreams”. That sets the stage for an incredible album. There is not one song on the album that I skip over when I listen to it. I can listen from start to finish and enjoy it.

I love the song “Rainmaker”. I can’t explain why, I just keep playing that and the title track, “Dance Of Death”, over and over again.

But, Bruce Dickinson has been very outspoken about downloading songs off the new album. Don’t sigh, he is for it. He wants you to listen to some songs off the new album and if you like it, buy it. A true Maiden fan wouldn’t screw them over anyway.

The cold hard fact of the matter is this, metal fans. If you do download a few songs off the album and enjoy them, buy the album. Show the record companies that if someone releases an album that is worth your $15, you will spend it. Forget all the flavor of the month bands and all the record companies that blame you for the record sales dipping. Forget all bands that even consider suing children, parents, and grandparents for their own personal gain. Show the world that you are capable of buying an album with your heart, your soul and your mind no matter if the media promotes it or not. Who cares if MTV will promote Iron Maiden in 2003? The music they have released is the best that has been released in 2003. Show the world what the secret behind metal is all about, and here’s a tip, it isn’t rap! Take a stand. BUY IT!

Reviewed by James for Sleaze Roxx, July 2004.

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