Jack Russell’s Great White: ‘He Saw It Comin”

Released on January 27, 2017 (Frontiers Music Srl)

January 27, 2017 saw the release of He Saw It Comin’ from Jack Russell’s Great White. Singer Jack Russell has released many singles with his version of Great White, but this is actually the band’s first full-length album. Russell‘s break-up with his former bandmates has been quite public so I will be leaving that out of my review. I would rather focus my time writing about the album and how great Jack Russell’s Great White sounded at Grand Rocktember in 2015.

After my first initial listen to He Saw It Comin’, I really didn’t know what to think. I had the expectation that it would sound similar to the albums Great White had put out in the ’80s and ’90s, but let me inform you that my expectations were wrong. But hear me out on this album, because after a few more listens, it really grew on me and I think this is a great album from beginning to end. Russell has surrounded himself with some talented musicians and even recruited a former bandmate of his — Tony Montana. Montana played bass in Great White, but finds himself playing guitar and keyboards this time around. Russell also has Robby Lochner on lead guitar, Dan McNay on bass, and Dicki Fliszar on drums.

One thing that stuck out to me while listening to the album is that each song is different and not one song sounds like the next.  “Sign Of The Times” is the lead off track and first single for He Saw It Comin’.  This song to me is one of the two songs you will hear that sounds like Russell’s previous works. It has the bluesy feel to it that we are all accustomed to hearing in Great White.  The next song, “She Moves Me,” starts the musical rollercoaster for the album. It has a very funky sound to it with a little bit of rapping from Russell in the middle of the song. “Crazy” has a nitty gritty tone to it with catchy riffs and chorus. It also showcases the talents of Lochner, with a killer guitar solo. The other song that sounds the most like his previous works is “Love Don’t Live Here.” It wouldn’t be a Great White album without a few ballads, and this one is the first of two on the album.

Russell has been very open about his health and drug problems that took over his life years back. “My Addiction” tells his story about what he went through and how he overcame his personal demons. This song has a powerful message and I am sure it can and will touch a lot of lives. So “thank you” Jack Russell for writing this song about your personal struggles you faced and how you overcame them.  

The other ballad is “Anything for You.” This is a beautifully written love song that I could hear being played at weddings. “He Saw It Coming” is a song that takes you through some twists and turns on a rollercoaster and reminds me of something Queen might have written in the ’70s. Russell has even added a little bit of twang, blues, and pop sounds to the song “Don’t Let Me Go.” This song along with “Godspeed” are the most unique songs I have heard from Russell. The beginning of “Spy vs. Spy” showcases the talent of Lochner again, with a blazing guitar intro. When the intro is over, the song turns into a fast riff with a punky feel to it.  “Blame It On The Night” has a modern rock sound to it that is filled with some heavy, thick riffs and another amazing guitar solo from Lochner.  The album closer “Godspeed” is the most unique song I have heard from Russell as it is all done in acapella style. I will admit that I actually like this song a lot. It is very catchy and will have you snapping your fingers with the beat.  

After all that Russell has been through, one might ask if he still “has it.” I am here to say that he does and his voice is still as strong as it was in the ’80s and ’90s. Case in point was when I saw him live in 2015 at the Grand Rocktember in Minnesota. He sounded amazing and I was blown away at how well the whole band performed.  

As I hinted before, if you are looking for a classic Great White album, I am afraid you won’t find it here. But if you listen to this album with an open mind and take it for what Russell has created, you just might find yourself enjoying this album as much as I do.

Track List:
01. Sign Of The Times
02. She Moves Me
03. Crazy
04. Love Don’t Live Here
05. My Addiction
06. Anything For You
07. He Saw It Coming
08. Don’t Let Me Go
09. Spy vs. Spy
10. Blame It On The Night
11. Godspeed

Band Members:
Jack Russell – vocals
Tony Montana – guitar, keyboards
Robby Lochner – guitar
Dan McNay – bass
Dicki Fliszar – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Headz Media for Sleaze Roxx, February 2017

Jack Russell’s Great White‘s “Sign Of The Times” video:

Jack Russell’s Great White – “Sign of The Times” (Official Music Video)

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Jack Russell’s Great White‘s “Blame It On The Night” song:

Jack Russell’s Great White – “Blame It On The Night” (Official Audio)

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Jack Russell’s Great White‘s “Love Don’t Live Here” song:

Jack Russell’s Great White – “Love Don’t Live Here” (Official Audio)

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