Jendza – End Of The World

Jendza - End Of The World
Released 2002 (Streamline)

Track List:
01. We’ve Just Begun To Suffer
02. Shortcut To Hell
03. Genocide
04. Dead Like You
05. Say It
06. Friend
07. Memory
08. It’s Hard To Be A Boy
09. Watery Eyes
10. Back To Earth
11. Boulevard
12. Sour Wine
13. End Of The World

Derek Jendza – vocals
Seth Bawcum – guitar
Bradley Jendza – bass and vocals
Lawrence Richard – drums

Additional Musicians:
Tanya Bloom – electronic female voice
Pianocidal J – piano and keyboards (6, 8, 11 & 13)
Chuck Klatt – background vocals (5)
Ryan Sweesy – background vocals (5)

Produced by Tony Hamera.

The fourth album from this Detroit quartet is hard to review, as the sounds are all
over the place. You have to admire a band such as Jendza who aren’t afraid to
take chances, even if some of the results are lackluster. At times I get the feeling
that this is what Diamond Rexx would have sounded like if they formed in the
year 2000, it has that same spooky and sinister vibe.

  The disc starts off with its shining star “Shortcut To Hell”, a song
reminiscent of Rob Zombie but with a cleaner guitar sound and a chorus just
drooling with attitude and urgency. “Friend” is a haunting ballad, while “It’s
Hard To Be A Boy” is a cool up-tempo rocker complete with a great piano addition.
“Boulevard” sounds a lot like one of Warrant‘s ballads, in fact the vocals
sound so much like Jani Lane it’s uncanny. Actually the entire second half of
this album is where Jendza really shines and ends on the sing-a-long chorus
of “End Of The World”.

  The only time the album really falters is on “Say It”, in which Jendza
attempts a Biohazard type sound that just doesn’t suit them at all. It’s hard
to know who to recommend this album too, as the band seems to run the gamut of musical
styles. They have opened for acts such as Alice Cooper, and with their
vampire painted faces the band could appeal to both rockers and Goths alike. Take a chance
with Jendza, you might be pleasantly surprised. Contact the band on their official

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2003.

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