Julian Angel – Choreography Sucks

Julian Angel - Choreography Sucks
Released 2007 (Rockload/G.T.O. Entertainment)

Track List:
01. Rock With A Slam (Intro)
02. Sucker Punch
03. Sumthin’ Huge
04. Teaser / Pleaser
05. Oh La La
06. Give The Radio Back
07. Bling Bling
08. This Is On You
09. Boob Boob Booty
10. Jump Jump
11. Strip Down Vegas
12. What Goes Up
13. Sucker Punch (Radio Edit)

Julian Angel – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers and drum programming

Additional Musicians:
Jesse Curse – acoustic drums
Cat – backing vocals (10)
The Horny Horns – brass section

Produced, recorded and mixed by Julian Angel.

Well, well, well…what an absolute treat it is listening to this CD! I can not stop playing it! Finally someone’s got it right. Thank goodness (or the other place) for Julian Angel. Julian is what rock ‘n’ roll and fans alike have been begging for for years. I will go out on a limb and say that this is my favorite release of 2007/2008. It is a well rounded work of art, covering the rock/sleaze/glam genre so completely that after hearing this you won’t want to listen to anything else.

  Julian has taken rock ‘n’ roll/sleaze/glam and he’s given it a well deserved kick in the butt. I hear so many powerhouse influences shining through on this, his second studio effort, entitled Choreography Sucks. First to mind, for me, is “Poison” era Alice Cooper, especially vocally (not a bad thing at all!). Second, is the song-smith for Marvelous 3 and solo artist to the stars Butch Walker (on Julian‘s witty and good humored lyrics and songwriting style, guitar prowess and sing song choruses especially). I also can name drop a ton of lesser known and well known artists that obviously have had an influence on this very talented and gifted young man. Such as, King Of The Hill, David Bowie, Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard (in the monster choruses), Kid Rock (when he is rocking out), early Kix, Prince, etc, etc, etc…

  Julian sings, plays and writes extremely well. He was even nominated in the 2000 German Rock Awards for rock guitarist of the year, and after you listen to this CD you will obviously see why! He plays the tar out of that six string.

  I can not praise this release enough. I am trying to cherry pick ‘favorite’ tracks, but I can’t, Choreography Sucks is 13 songs of pure glam/sleaze rock bliss. Thank you Julian for this superb slab of musical genius.

  www.angel-rock.com – www.myspace.com/julianangelroxx – www.cdbaby.com

Reviewed by Terry for Sleaze Roxx, January 2008.

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