Julian Angel: ‘The Death Of Cool’

Released in February 2017 (Platinum Blonde Records)

What has impressed me the most about Julian Angel‘s new studio album The Death Of Cool is something that I only realized as I am about to write a review for the record. Angel does absolutely everything on this album — singing, playing guitar, playing the bass, drumming, producing, mixing, mastering, etc. It’s hard enough mastering one instrument and here is Angel doing everything but more importantly, doing everything well.

Catchy riffs, great melodies and sing along choruses — Angel provides everything you need for a feel good time that will take you back to the ’80s heyday when uncomplicated catchy “hair metal” rock n’ roll was the norm. Just about every track on The Death Of Cool is a good one. The one drawback about The Death Of Cool is that most of the songs seem to adhere to the same type of tempo so if you’re looking for some variety on this album, well, it ain’t there. That being said, if you like one song, odds are that you’ll like the whole album. If you love one song, odds are that you’ll love the rest. Angel won’t pass off as the greatest singer but the songs on The Death Of Cool cater to his vocals in a good way. I guess you have to expect that when the guy is recording, producing, mixing and mastering his own album.

Although Angel handles all facets of the album, where he really shines is his guitar playing. His solos are melodic while at the same time letting you now that he can likely shred with the best of them if he really wanted to. More importantly, his guitar playing during the rest of the songs is tastefully done to complement the tracks rather than try to show just how great he can really play. In terms of the best songs on The Death Of Cool, I really like the first four tracks and especially “She’s On Fire” which has so many great melodies and will surely remind you of some of the most catchy ’80s tunes that you can think of. Funny enough, one of my least favorite tracks on The Death Of Cool happens to be the lead off single “Reach Out” for which Angel has a video for. “Reach Out” is slowed down too much for my liking and comes across as a bit on the dull side and perhaps was too much of an attempt at a “hit” single. Aside from that, the rest of the songs follow the same type of formula with Angel‘s guitar playing and overall song melodies being the highlights.

In conclusion, The Death Of Cool is an easy listening album of catchy tunes that is most likely aimed at simply putting a smile on your face. We need more artists like Julian Angel.

Track List:
01. Shoot Me Down
02. The Death Of Cool
03. Clock Strikes
04. She’s On Fire
05. Reach
06. Phonograph Needle
07. Rock Like A Woman
08. Hideaway
09. Monsterous
10. Summerbreak
11. Friday Nite Wild

Band Member:
Julian Angel – all words and music

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Julian Angel

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, July 2017

Julian Angel‘s “Reach Out” video:

Julian Angel – Reach – Melodic Hard Rock, Hair Metal

From the album “The Death Of Cool” (out May 26, 2017). Camera: Katie Katie, Stan Silver Edited by: Jo Kimbrell Directed by: Julian Angel The new album “The D…