Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast – California Suntan

Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast - California Suntan

Released August 6, 2012 (Master Class Music/G.T.O. Entertainment)

Track List:
01. Wet Wild Willing
02. Dance Little Sister
03. Rockschool
04. Cry Cry Cry
05. You Better Love Me
06. Fair Weather Friend
07. Addiction To The Friction
08. Wet Hair In A Waterride
09. Friday To Sunday
10. Something In The Air
11. Gimme Just One Night

Julian Angel – vocals, guitar, piano and keyboards
Jesse Curse – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Rock Hart – backing vocals

Produced and mixed by Julian Angel.

First off, let’s just say I have a monster hole to dig myself out of with my ‘bestest’ pal in the world Julian Angel. Fortunately not only is he the most talented musician/songwriter in the known free world, he is also the coolest guy I’ll never meet… Julian, you are a poet and the voice of the new wave of ’80s hard rock — hail ‘King Julian’! That said, without further ado I present for your listening pleasure the, without a doubt, bar none, glam hard rock record of 2012 — California Suntan, by living legend, guitar prodigy, and Johnny Lima look-a-like contest winner Julian Angel and his band of merry musical men Beautiful Beast.

  When this disc hit the streets in August of 2012, and I started spinning the label off of it, I could not help but put the windows down in my truck, crank the Alpine up to 11 and harken back to those hot summer nights of 1986 when a ‘care in the world’ was the furthest thing from my beer-addled, girl crazy, hair-farming cranium. The opener “Wet Wild Willing” is a driving/party anthem of pure honey coated ’80s glam metal, and then the zen master Julian Angel doesn’t break a sweat or let up on the listener through track after track of pure candy coated ‘too damn glam for our own good’ tracks sure to give you cavities. “Dance Little Sister”, “Rockschool” and the Ratt “City To City” influenced “Friday to Sunday” (just listen to the chorus you’ll hear it) rock and then we dabble in a ballad or two. “Fair Weather Friend” is a quintessential cigarette lighter anthem with some tasty soloing and lyrics that are all too obvious as to who is on Angel‘s shit list. “Addiction To The Friction” is a dripping sexy rocker with an obvious message as to what we boys really enjoy, to quote the opening verse ‘It takes 2 to love me’ — awesome! “Wet Hair In A Waterride” is brilliant and “Something In The Air” is the power ballad to end all power ballads. The last track on the disc, “Gimme Just One Night”, is without out a doubt the album’s AOR gem. The solo is just ridiculous and the entire song screams hit single. It’s my favorite from California Suntan, which sounds silly as all the songs are favorites.

  There are certainly no shortages of truly great songs on this gem — Julian Angel has gone way above the bar on this release. He is incanting the vocal stylings of a young Stephen Pearcy and his guitar prowess is just epic. If you appreciate all things guitar noodling, then this effort will have you listening for all those hidden and not so hidden fills and solos that are sprinkled throughout like pixie dust. And as you are shaking your head going ‘how does this guy do it’, just be happy you got ears and can hear what Angel is laying down for all of us to enjoy. We can all use our respective guitars as coffee tables, ala Spinal Tap, and leave the wizardry to Angel and be thankful for the effort he puts forth in these little silver discs. All seriousness aside, Julian Angel is a professional musician, songwriter, and producer. His music should appeal to, and be appreciated by, any fan of music… period. Not only is he a true talent both as a guitarist and lyricist but Julian is a true keeper of the genre’s flame and a huge fan and supporter of the genre as well.

  To sum up, a big thank you to Julian Angel — please keep entertaining us, well at least me. I hate sharing and would rather keep all this great tunage to myself, but it is my honor to share you and your vision with the masses — enjoy.


Reviewed by Terry Martinson for Sleaze Roxx, March 2013

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