Kid Ego – Ignite The Tide

Released 2006 (Rock Revolution)

Track List:
01. Ignite The Tide
02. Lady Conniver
03. Till I Die
04. Magic Candy
05. Sweet Bectoria
06. UFO
07. Heartbreak Hooker
08. Deathrow
09. Flirtin With Suicide
10. Long Time Runnin
11. Unbreakable
12. Hellshot

Zakk Taylor – lead vocals
Birdy – guitars, lead guitars and vocals
Phil Morfitt – guitars and vocals
Rookie – bass and vocals
Nicky Miller – drums and percussion

Produced by Will Jackson.

I know it’s early yet, but I’ve already penciled Kid Ego‘s Ignite The Tide on my best of 2006 list. If this album fails to make that chart it will simply mean that 2006 has been one incredible year for music or that I have died before I could type one up.

  What I like about this disc, besides the superb collection of sleaze tracks, is the fact that something is always going on. If the guitars lay low the drums go wild (cowbell included), if the drumming stops you can expect a killer solo, and sometimes the vocals do all the work. Every time you think you have Kid Ego figured out they add something new to the mix.

  Three songs have managed to steal attention from the others here. The first is “Lady Conniver” which I reviewed as a single not long ago. The second is “Heartbreak Hooker”, a Zan Clan like song with a memorable chorus that includes the line “money up her night and day” – I love it. The third is the title track “Ignite The Tide”. I’ve never been a fan of distorted vocals, which this song occasionally contains, but I can’t stop spinning this tune. There is so much happening and it is so in-your-face that it has become one of my favorite songs so far this year.

  You also can’t ignore great tracks such as “Till I Die”, the odd “UFO” and “Hellshot”. It is refreshing to hear a newer band that has mastered the art of musicianship, even if the lyrics are a bit silly at times. This one is a must have – buy it today! –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2006.

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