Killer Bee: ‘Eye In The Sky’

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Released on October 14, 2016 (Mighty Music)

Killer Bee
have been buzzing around my hive for about a month or so, and for some reason I kept swatting it away for other, more sugary offerings. Now, sitting down and actually giving it a listen, I see what I’ve been missing. Killer Bee have been making music in various configurations since their first album Raw in 1993. In fact, their third album featured Europe guitarist Kee Marcello as player and producer. By 1998, various forces conspired against them, and Killer Bee buzzed off on a 12 year hiatus, until the release of 2011’s Almost There. From then on, it has been almost an album a year output for this band, still rocking like it was ’93.

This is mature European hard rock at its best. There is very little negative I can say about Eye In The Sky. The title track and album opener leaves no doubt that there will be blazing guitars and pounding drums to come. The raspy vocals offered by Brian “Bee” Frank are excellent, and fit the band’s sound perfectly. “Shout it Out” — yes, more fantastic work by the B-boys. “One Step Closer” is a little slower, but still a good rock song, floating easily between power-ballad verses and a heavier, catchy chorus.

The ghost of Deep Purple’s Machine Head is evident with the heavy use of a Hammond organ on “Higher And Higher”… and yet there’s a Thin Lizzy undertone to the verses. A very interesting track that I haven’t quite figured out, but really like. “Face the Night” doesn’t particularly grab me by the tasty bits like the other songs do. Every album of this quality is allowed a skip, or maybe two. I haven’t decided about “The Flight.” It reminds me of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” for many reasons — slow start, quiet build, driving middle, six and a half minute length.

“Get On Board” quickly recovers from a couple of average tracks and it’s back to fist in the air head bobbing. The use of the phrase “Get your ya-ya’s out” is a bit questionable from guys of this age, but who’s judging? I hear a bit of Helix influence in “Joystick Warrior”, in the song’s construction and execution. Channeling the Bee’s inner sleaze is “Right Between The Eyes” for sure. It’s hard, grimy, and fun. Finally, “By My Side” is another slow burn of a tune that pays off once the song progresses a bit.

I suppose one could say Eye In The Sky could “Bee” a “Killer” album, but that would be cheesy. It is an excellent representation of European-style hard rock, with influences going as far back as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, but also echoing a modern sound. Killer Bee‘s Eye In The Sky is worth a look as you will find something to love amongst the ten song offering.

Track List:
01. Eye In The Sky
02. Shout It Out
03. One Step Closer
04. Higher And Higher
05. Face The Night
06. The Flight
07. Get On Board
08. Joystick Warrior
09. Right Between The Eyes
10. By My Side

Band Members:
Brian “Bee” Frank – vocals
Anders “LA” Rönnblom – bass
Andre Hägglund – guitar
Paul “Tonka” Chapman – guitar
Morgan Evans – drums, percussion
Denny DeMarchi – keys

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Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, October 2016

Killer Bee‘s “Get On Board” video:

Killer Bee – “Get On Board” (Official Music Video)

“Get On Board” is taken from the Killer Bee album “Eye In The Sky” out 14th of October worldwide on Mighty Music.Pre-order the CD here:…