Killingbird – Killingbird

Killingbird - Killingbird
Released 2002 (2KSounds)

Track List:
01. Not Long Dead
02. Cocaine Tongue
03. Down From My Cloud
04. Just Like Heaven
05. Hitch A Ride
06. Maybe I’m Afraid
07. Little Flower
08. Sometimes You’re Strange
09. Better Day
10. Outta Mind
11. Slip
12. I Was So Wrong

Christian – vocals
Skyla – guitar and vocals
August – guitar
Gaz – bass
Marc – drums

Produced, recorded and mixed by Skyla.

Loud, rude and crude, Killingbird knows what ingredients it takes to make a
great sleaze rock album. Similar in sound to the Beautiful Creatures, they
have taken influences from 80’s bands such as Faster Pussycat and Bang
, and dragged them – kicking and screaming – into the 21st century.

  All songs hover around the three-minute mark, and display a punk influence.
But don’t begin to think this is a straight ahead punk album, thankfully it isn’t.
It’s an updated version of the 80’s sleaze rock genre, minus the guitar solos. Standout
tracks include “Not Long Dead”, “Cocaine Tongue” (with a chorus that for some reason
reminds me of Junkyard), “Maybe I’m Afraid” and “Sometimes You’re Strange” (with
its interesting chorus of “Oh fuck it girl, whatever. I tell ya babe, sometimes you’re

  Once in awhile while listening you will start to think that all the songs
sound the same, but then something will appear to kick your ass and change your mind.
If bands like Killingbird are the future of the sleaze genre, then at least
we will have something to look forward in the upcoming years. Plus, how can you not
love a band with a lyric such as “I’m sick of being sober”? Check the band out at
their official site

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2002.

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