KISS – Lick It Up

Kiss - Lick It Up
Released in 1983 (Mercury)
Billboard Chart Position #24

Track List:
01. Exciter
02. Not For The Innocent
03. Lick It Up
04. Young And Wasted
05. Gimme More
06. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
07. Million To One
08. Fits Like A Glove
09. Dance All Over Your Face
10. And On The 8th Day

Band Members:
Paul Stanley – vocals and guitar
Gene Simmons – vocals and bass
Vinnie Vincent – vocals and backing vocals
Eric Carr – vocals and backing vocals

Produced by Michael James Jackson, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

With sales on the decline, Kiss had to do something radical to hype their new album, and removing their trademark makeup would be that something. Lick It Up marked the album Kiss did sans make up and was also the first full-length studio album to feature new guitarist/songwriter Vincent Cusano (better known as Vinnie Vincent). Musically songs like “Lick It Up” (#66), “Not For The Innocent”, “Young And Wasted” and “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose” really rock!

Not surprisingly, Kiss went all out promoting the new makeup-less image by going on MTV, making videos and touring — and the plan worked like a charm. Rejuvenating their careers, Lick It Up would help Kiss regain their footing in the metal genre as they went on to sell millions more albums. Although Lick It Up gave Kiss the creative boost they needed, it would turn out to be Vincent‘s final album with the band. I also want to note that we lost drummer Paul Caravello (Eric Carr) on Nov. 24, 1991 due to cancer; he is greatly missed by us all. Lick It Up is a return to form, and gets two thumbs up!

Reviewed by PamĀ for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003

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