Kissin’ Dynamite: ‘Ecstasy’

To be released on July 6, 2018 (Metal Blade Records)

German “stadium rockers” Kissin’ Dynamite have delivered the album that I was hoping that Swedish rockers H.E.A.T would have released after their 2015 album Tearing Down The Walls. While H.E.A.T went on an experimental journey complete with at times keyboards overload with their latest record Into The Great Unknown, Kissin’ Dynamite have taken the mantle so to speak from the Swedish rockers. Kissin’ Dynamite state that their thing and band foundation is to deliver “catchy good-time hooks and enjoyable tunes full of passion” and they have definitely accomplished this with their sixth studio album Ecstasy.

Quite simply, Ecstasy is a perfect example of melodic rock with an edge at its finest. Funny enough, Ecstasy has a bit of a modern feel to it and while usually I might score a few points off an album for something like that, in this case, Ecstasy‘s modern sounds work so well that I have no complaints whatsoever in that regard. As I was listening to Ecstasy — while in shock on how good it was — I wondered why I hadn’t “noticed” or been more in tune with Kissin’ Dynamite in the past. After all, this is a band that’s been covered on Sleaze Roxx — admittedly intermittently — since 2010 and I was well aware of their last studio album Generation Goodbye but it wasn’t until Ecstasy that they really got my attention. Truth is that Kissin’ Dynamite‘s songs on Ecstasy are catchier, more dynamic and more melodic than their outputs on past albums. It just seems that everything has come together for Kissin’ Dynamite on Ecstasy.

The first four tracks on the album including the video single “I’ve Got The Fire” are pure melodic rock heaven with a bit of a modern twist. It’s nice when bands pick the right songs to release as singles as “I’ve Got The Fire” and “Ecstasy” (featuring Anna Brunner) are two of the strongest songs on the album. When you offer 13 tracks on an album including the two bonus ones, there are bound to be some ballads (sigh) and Kissin’ Dynamite offer the faster paced ballad “Still Around” as the fifth track, which I am not crazy about as it doesn’t seem to pack the necessary emotions that I would expect from a ballad. Luckily, Kissin’ Dynamite go right back to doing what they do best and deliver another catchy good time feel song with “Superhuman.” “Breaking The Silence” offers some moodier exotic like verses and different vocals from Hannes Braun before once again Kissin’ Dynamite come up with a big time stadium rock like chorus. As you go deeper into the album, the great tracks keep popping up. “One More Time” builds up and up with a cool drum pattern before a splendid chorus takes the song to the next level.

As I listened to Ecstasy, I became more and more impressed with Hannes Braun‘s singing so I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was a wunderkind growing up as he placed second in the 2004 season of the German version of the TV show Star Search while singing heavy metal at the tender age of 12. Clearly, Hannes Braun has tons of talent and one powerful voice. He has to be considered one of the best singers of his generation. Just listen to the ballad “Heart Of Stone” for a glimpse of how great he sounds. Hannes Braun is apparently a man of many talents as he handled the production on Ecstasy and did a fantastic job as the record sounds really good. I am not sure why Kissin’ Dynamite decided to label the last two tracks as “bonus” ones but whatever the case, the two songs rock and close off the record on a high.

Funny enough, Freeman Promotions rep Jon Freeman e-mailed me two times about Ecstasy (since it seems to take me quite a bit to listen to an album digitally) with the following comment at the end: “They are perfect for Sleaze Roxx.” As it turns out, Freeman was dead on. Kissin’ Dynamite‘s Ecstasy is a fantastic album and it goes without saying that I pre-ordered a copy of the album as it would be a sin to not own such a great album and likely one of the best of 2018 on CD format. Think of the best songs that H.E.A.T and Eclipse can deliver and you’ll find it on Kissin’ Dynamite‘s Ecstasy.

Track List for Ecstasy:
01. I’ve Got The Fire
02. You’re Not Alone
03. Somebody’s Gotta Do It
04. Ecstasy
05. Still Around
06. Superhuman
07. Placebo
08. Breaking The Silence
09. Waging War
10. One More Time
11. Heart Of Stone
Bonus Tracks:
12. Wild Wind
13. No Time To Wonder

Band Members:
Steffen Haile – bass
Jim Müller– guitar
Hannes Braun – vocals
Ande Braun – guitar
Andi Schnitzer – drums

Produced by Hannes Braun

Band Website:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, June 2018

Kissin’ Dynamite‘s “I’ve Got The Fire” video:

Kissin’ Dynamite – I’ve Got the Fire (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Kissin’ Dynamite‘s “Ecstasy” song featuring Anna Brunner:

Kissin’ Dynamite – Ecstasy (feat. Anna Brunner) (OFFICIAL)

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