Koritni – Game Of Fools

Koritni - Game Of Fools

Released in 2009 (Bad Reputation Records)

Track List:
01. 155
02. Stab In The Back
03. Roll The Dice
04. V8 Fantasy
05. You VS Me
06. By My Side
07. Deranged
08. Nobody’s Home
09. Game Of Fools
10. Keep Me Breathing
11. Tornado Dreaming
12. Tornado Dreaming II
13. The Devil’s Daughter

Band Members:
Lex Koritni – vocals
Eddy Santacreu – guitars
Luke Cuerden – guitars
D. Matt Hunter – bass
Chris Brown – drums

Additional Musicians:
Danny Danzi – lead guitar
Christian Wolff – lead guitar
Brandon Baumann – backing vocals

Produced by Anton Hagop and Lex Koritni.
Mixed by Mike Fraser and Daniel Leffler.

Some records just hit you in an instant, never to get off your mind again. This is the case with Koritni‘s Game Of Fools, the follow-up to their 2007 debut Lady Luck. While the debut was a strong collection of blues-influenced, AC/DC riff-laden rock songs, the newbie is a quantum leap forward again.

From the opening riff of “155” right to the softly sung ending of the brilliant “The Devil’s Daughter” there is a not a dull note in sight. One can feel how Koritni have grown into a strong unit by touring throughout half the world for the past two years. The song writing is clever and spiced up with a lot of fine details, the band sounds great, and above all shines Lex Koritni‘s unmistakably raspy and powerful voice, which is up there with all the all-time greats. This guys got it all in his lungs; the straight-ahead rockers, the radio-friendly ballads (“You vs. Me” and the aforementioned “Devil’s Daughter”), or the ‘simple’ blues (“Deranged”), it is pure magic!

And I haven’t even listed all the highlights on Game Of Fools yet, which include the ecstatic “By My Side” and especially “Tornado Dreaming”. The later is split into two songs, although I recommend listening to it as one song – an epic about life, which makes you cry and smile with its changes in mood and ‘oh so true’ lyrics! Actually it is this “Tornado Dreaming” song(s) which makes this album nothing short of a classic. Koritni sure as hell wear their influences (mainly AC/DC, Guns N’Roses, plus other 80’s sleaze bands) on their sleeves, but they do it with such a passion for their music that it seems impossible not to like…no, correction…LOVE them.

Producer Anton Hagop did a great job getting the best out of these Australian fellows and Mike Fraser‘s mixing abilities are, as usual, superb. Game Of Fools is a masterpiece, and probably album of the year for me!

www.koritni.com – www.myspace.com/koritni – www.badreputation.fr

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, September 2009.

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