Lady Beast: ‘Metal Immortal’

Lady Beast album coverLADY BEAST
Released in October 2016 (Infernö Records)

If I did not know any better, I would say that Lady Beast are sounding more and more like classic early Iron Maiden with their music. However, this is the third album in a row that Lady Beast‘s music sounds awfully close to early Iron Maiden so perhaps rather than continuing to state that they sound like the mighty Maiden, it’s time to give credit where credit is due and simply state that Lady Beast have mastered the art of amazing dual guitar heavy metal harmonies reminiscent of the most successful New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands.

Just like their last album Lady Beast II, Lady Beast will take you down memory lane when Iron Maiden could do no wrong with their killer guitar licks and harmonies circa their albums Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind and Powerslave. Metal Immortal‘s opening track “Metal Martyr” is probably the closest to early Maiden that you will get in this day and age, and is simply a splendid track. As usual, the one very distinguishable factor between Iron Maiden and Lady Beast is the latter’s frontwoman Deborah Levine who adds a very different dimension to the music by singing — yes, singing — throughout. Although I do like the second track “Devil’s Due”, I find that some parts of the song a bit weak such as when Levine sings alongside to the guitar melodies. “Lady Of The Battle” feels like Levine is leading you through a dark and mysterious castle while telling you the story of the lady of the battle. Once again, you get some killer Iron Maiden like guitar melodies that remind me a lot of the guitars during Maiden‘s Somewhere In Time era. No need to say that I am loving it. The last track “Not This Time” starts off with a Judas Priest like riff before heading into thrash metal territory.

The one knock that I have about the songs on Metal Immortal is that they seem to build and build but never really climax anywhere. It’s like having sex but not being able to close the deal. It leaves you a little frustrated. A bigger and more bombastic chorus section on a few of the songs such as “Devil’s Due” and “Not This Time” would have likely added that extra dimension to those tracks enabling them to reach that much needed climax. In any case, the four songs on Lady Beast‘s latest EP Metal Immortal cement the Pittsburgh based group’s reputation as one of the finest bands bringing back the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sound. Metal Immortal is one EP that I will be giving a regular rotation for many years to come.

Track List:
01. Metal Martyr
02. Devil’s Due
03. Lady Of The Battle
04. Not This Time

Band Members:
Deborah Levine – vocals
Chris Tritschler – rhythm guitar
Greg Colaizzi – bass
Adam Ramage – drums
Andy Ramage – lead guitar

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, November 2016

Lady Beast‘s “Devil’s Due” song:

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