Liberty N’Justice – Independence Day

Liberty N' Justice - Independence Day
Released 2007 (LNJ Records)

Track List:
01. Doubting Thomas (John Corabi)
02. Monkey Dance (Jack Russell)
03. Soldier (Kelly Keagy & Mark Slaughter)
04. My Sacrifice (Shawn Pelata)
05. Phoenix (Pete Loran)
06. Independence Day (Kelly Keeling)
07. Meet My Monster (Tony Mills)
08. Praying For A Miracle (Ted Poley)
09. Fade (Jamie Rowe)
10. Bullet, Train, Breakdown (Jaime St. James)
11. Addiction (Jani Lane)
12. Wake The Dead (Ez Gomer & Tony Carey)
13. Snake Eat Snake (David Raymond Reeves)
14. A Little Bit Of Love (Mark Hovland & Shannon Hovland)

Justin Murr – (bass, keyboards and background vocals)

Additional Musicians:
Mike Layne – (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and background vocals)
Tommy Denander – (guitar)
Jack Frost – (guitar)
Sayit – (guitar)
Alby Odum – (guitar)
Nikki Dimage – (guitar)
Dave Tsien – (guitar and bass)
Mark Hovland – (guitar, bass, drums and keyboards)
Shannon Hovland – (guitar, bass, drums and keyboards)
Mike Biggs – (guitar)
Dirk McCoy – (guitar)
Ryan Marsh – (guitar)
Jerry Dixon – (bass)
Ez Gomer – (bass and background vocals)
Scot Strickland – (bass)
Brian Bridenthal – (bass)
Eric Nelson – (bass)
Michael Ulvsgard – (drums)
Terry Russell – (drums)
Timmy Higgins – (drums)
Ron Sivulich Jr. – (drums)
Cory McKown – (drums)
Tony Carey – (keyboards and background vocals)
Charlie Calv – (keyboards)
Chuck Giacinto – (keyboards)
Robert Hartwig – (keyboards)
Kevin Chalfant – (background vocals)
Dale Toth – (background vocals)
Denny Rockey – (background vocals)
Joe Galvan – (background vocals)

Produced by Mike Layne, Kevin Chalfant (4), Dave Tsien (8), Ted Poley (8), Charlie Calv (8),
Ez Gomer (12), Don Webster (13) and Mark Hovland (14).

To be honest, the first couple of times I spun Liberty N’ Justice‘s Independence Day CD I could not get into it. That being said, now I can’t stop playing it! Must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time or a full moon or something, but I’ve been spinning this disc for about two weeks non-stop and am enjoying it more and more each time!

  Yes, Independence Day is an acoustic driven record, but there are still enough electrified solos and big bottom ends to keep most people interested. The production is huge and the songwriting is top notch. The CD also has a “positive message”, which I think is great. And it is not overly preachy in the least, you probably wouldn’t even notice the band’s religious leanings unless someone told you or you visited their website. For myself, I don’t care what the message is or isn’t. I am all about quality music being played well.

  Independence Day is a who’s who of vocal A-listers. Highlights for me are “Doubting Thomas” (featuring John Corabi), “Monkey Dance” (featuring Jack Russell of Great White, who has never sounded better), “Phoenix” (featuring Pete Loren of Trixter), “Praying For A Miracle” (featuring Ted Poley of Danger Danger) and “Fade” (featuring Jaime Rowe of Guardian) to name a few (and there is still a number of honorable mentions). “Wake The Dead” however, is not so good, but hey opinions are like taste buds, everyone has them. The band is nothing to sneeze at either featuring seasoned veterans like Jerry Dixon, Kevin Chalfant, Tommy Denander, Jack Frost and on and on… If Liberty N’ Justice can do this acoustically, I can’t wait to hear what they can do all amped up.

  If CDs like Nelson‘s Because They Can, Mr. Reality‘s S/T and Days Of The New‘s S/T sit proudly on your CD shelf and you think they are the ‘cat’s meow’ then this outing by Liberty N’ Justice will be an excellent addition to your collection. If however you can’t wrap your brain around something with a little diversity and/or not turned up to 11, then you will be disappointed. – –

Reviewed by Terry for Sleaze Roxx, December 2007.

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