Little Caesar – Little Caesar

Little Caesar - Little Caesar
Released in 1990 (Geffen)
Billboard Chart Position #139

Track List:
01. Down-N-Dirty
02. Hard Times
03. Chain Of Fools
04. In Your Arms
05. From The Start
06. Rock-N-Roll State Of Mind
07. Drive It Home
08. Midtown
09. Cajun Panther
10. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
11. I Wish It Would Rain
12. Little Queenie

Band Members:
Ron Young – lead vocals
Louren Molinare – guitar and background vocals
Apache – guitar and background vocals
Fidel Paniagua – bass and background vocals
Tom Morris – drums

Additional Musicians:
John Webster – keyboards
Jimmie Wood – harp

Produced by Bob Rock.
Engineered by Randy Staub.

The second release (and first proper album) from this L.A. fivesome smokes! Uncompromising, tougher-than-hell, ass-kickin’ rock ‘n’ roll is what can be found here, to everyone’s joy.

The opener, “Down-N-Dirty”, is a fist in your face, while “Hard Times” and the stunning Motown (!) cover “Chain Of Fools” display more melodic yet anthemic choruses alongside crunchy guitars and thunderous drums. “In Your Arms” is gentle, almost like a ballad, while “From The Start”, “Rock-N-Roll State Of Mind”, “Drive It Home” and “Cajun Panther” make the atmosphere sleazy and raunchy. “Midtown” starts out as a ballad with a non-distorted verse but ends up rockin’ and reelin’. “Wrong Side Of The Tracks” is probably one of the best songs to EVER come out in the 90s and makes you feel like you’re driving a muscle car on a desert highway at top speed – terrific. “I Wish It Would Rain” slows things down an inch but is still very enjoyable, and last but not least, “Little Queenie”, rocks the listener and makes you want to push ‘play’ again.

This is probably Little Caesar‘s best record and one of the most criminally underrated albums of the 1990s, regardless of musical genres. The record company, dissatisfied with the success of the album, put the band at the end of the schedule causing their undeserved demise.

In conclusion, Little Caesar is an incredible album that anyone fond of REAL rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll must own to call themselves rockers! I give the album three thumbs up!

Reviewed by Bomber for Sleaze Roxx, July 2007.

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