Loud’N’Nasty – Teaser Teaser

Loud'N'Nasty - Teaser Teaser
Released in 2004 (Perris)

Track List:
01. Teaser
02. Play Dirty
03. Annie
04. Hungry
05. If You Wanna Rock
06. Love Child
07. After The War
08. Saturday Night
09. Hollywood Dream
10. Kick’N’Fight
11. Help Me

Band Members:
Rob Nasty – vocals and bass
Chris Loud – guitar
T-Bone – drums

Ratt hasn’t sounded this good since 1986’s Dancing Undercover! But wait — this ISN’T Ratt, it is just a Swedish band named Loud’N’Nasty that delivers a convincing version of Ratt’n’Roll. Catchy choruses, venomous guitars, bad attitudes and lyrics that border on obscene equal one thing — a cool sleaze release.

“Teaser” would be the logical choice for a single as it has a big chorus and even bigger guitars. “Hungry”, “Saturday Night” and “Kick’N’Fight” also stand out, harkening back to the mid-80s metal uprising. The cliched lyrics such as “I’ll shoot you down with my love gun” and “show me your candy I’m ready to take a bite” on “If You Wanna Rock” are tacky, but the song itself is very good. Chris Loud has put several memorable guitar leads down on this release, just check out the intro to “Play Dirty” for proof.

Releases like Teaser Teaser are a breath of fresh air in this era of down-tuned and depressing drivel. Fans of Ratt will eat this stuff up and are encouraged to head over to www.loudnnasty.com.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2004.

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