LoveBone – Demo

LoveBone - Demo
Released 2004 (LoveBone)

Track List:
01. B.O.N.E.
02. Inside Out

Chuch Heath – lead vocals and bass
Roy Coston – guitar and backing vocals
Keith Carroll – drums and backing vocals

Produced by Tony Touris and LoveBone.

What an unfortunate start. New York upstarts LoveBone went into the studio to record a bunch of songs, but due to a malfunction in the studio everything but the two tracks on this sampler was lost. And that is a shame, because these two songs are great. The guys really know how to lay down dirty hard rock, which isn’t surprising considering the members have spent years in the underground trenches.

  For being a trio, LoveBone certainly has the chops to compete with anyone. Both songs are delivered with the type of swagger that has long gone missing in rock. I keep being reminded of Riot during their influential years, and even some early Ratt guitars. The vocals tread the line between sleaze attitude and glam annoyance, but fit perfectly.

  You have to love new bands that know why a guitar solo and tight rhythm section are so important. This is great stuff, just not enough of it! If you’re ever around the Oneida, New York area, check if these guys are playing – because this is the type of music that always delivers live. MP3s of the two songs on this sampler can be downloaded at Next time a studio loses material like this it should promptly be burned to the ground!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2005.

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