Lover Under Cover – Into The Night

Lover Under Cover - Into The Night

Released January 24, 2014 (Escape Music)

Track List:
01. A Fight
02. Into The Shadows
03. Miracle
04. Toy Soldier
05. Crushing Stones
06. Life Is Easy
07. Playboy No 7
08. The Game Is On
09. Fantasy Man
10. Closer To The Truth
11. No Place Like Home

Mikael Erlandsson – vocals and keyboards
Martin Kronlund – guitar
Mikael Carlsson – bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals
Perra Johnsson – drums

Produced by Martin Kronlund.

Fresh off the press for 2014, Into The Night is the second platter from the Swedes with the melodic line-up from heaven known as Lover Under Cover.

  For those of you who are not familiar, the quartet was put together by the multi talented Mikael Carlsson, who plays bass, guitars, and keyboards don’t y’know. Joining him are Mikael Erlandsson of Last Autumn’s Dream and Salute on vocals and keyboards, Martin Kronlund from Gypsy Rose, Phenomena and Salute on guitars and Perra Johnsson from Coldspell on drums.

  I love a good opener and “A Fight” doesn’t disappoint as the album eases in with lush, exotic overtones before Kronlund and Erlandsson unleash a cacophony of wailing lead and plush keyboards. “Into The Shadows” keeps the pace with one of the album’s many infectious choruses as Erlandsson‘s edgy vocal dance around Kronlund‘s six string fills. A cover of Martika‘s “Toy Soldiers” is a delight, although I must admit that I found myself missing the vulnerable backing vocals that complemented the original so well. The crunchy riff of “The Game Is On” takes proceedings a little harder and the band bring Motley Crue to mind as they close the album with the ballad “No Place Like Home”. Like the Crue before them, Lover Under Cover assure us that the road, the stage, the girls and adulation can be too much at times and you know I (almost) feel sorry for ’em.

  There are no surprises on Into The Night, but it is a welcome return for Lover Under Cover who have ultimately succeeded where many of this genre fail.

Reviewed by Mark Redmayne for Sleaze Roxx, March 2014

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