Mad Anthony: ‘Party Heaven Hell Whatever’

Released on November 1, 2021 (Eönian Records)

San Francisco Bay ’80s era rockers Mad Anthony were apparently one of the hottest live acts in that area at that time but strangely remained unsigned despite a huge following and the band selling out every venue they played. However, the good guys at Eönian Records have at long last now addressed that issue by remastering and engineering the band’s previously cassette only album for wider release in the 21st Century.

“Just My Type” crashes straight into the party atmosphere with its instant and insistent stomping riff and killer chorus that immediately brings a smile to the face and a nod to the head. This continues with the very Poison-like “Party Town”, complete with lyrics that state the band’s obvious intent on having a good time. “I’m The One” is slightly slower paced with a  superb Axl Rose meets Ted Poley style vocal from Rik Burnell. This is even more evident on the sleazily chugging “Mother’s Helper” before the plaintive power ballad “Falling Out Of Love”; that also includes stunning guitar work from Ralph Longo and Mark Freseman.

We are literally straight back into the party vibe with the bouncy “Backstage Boogie” and the brilliant bass and drums of Bryan Lujon and James Bohn respectively, making it almost impossible not to be swept along with the pure pleasure of it all. “Face To Face” has another slight  Guns N’ Roses  feel to it , and the mid-tempo “Stay With Me” should have been a staple on every rock radio show of the era if there was any justice in this world.

“Tonight We Ride” has a tougher, sleazier intro before building into a biker style rocker that flows neatly into “When We Touch”,  another pop metal diamond with a killer chorus, before launching into “Big Ole Long Red Hot Rod.” This was the band’s closing,  singalong number at every show and you can certainly see why. Double and even quadruple meanings are obviously plentiful and I almost guarantee that it will be difficult not to have it stuck in your head for days after hearing it. There are two additional tracks not on  their original self-released cassette — “Rock Me” and the 44 second tinkling outro “Nadine” — that complete this joyous set.

Eönian Records have unearthed a gem and done a fine job in engineering and repackaging this criminally overlooked album that surfs the feel-good party wave like a titanic Kerry Slater. If you’re longing for a Poison / Tuff / Warrant style fix, then this should be top of your list! The band overall is outstanding, the singer is superb and the songs will leave you with a very broad grin on your face. There really is nothing not to like on this album and it deserves to belatedly sell by the truckload because it is,  purely and simply, fantastic fun.

Track List: 
01. Just My Type
02. Party Town
03. I’m The One
04. Mother’s Helper
05. Falling Out Of Love
06. Backstage Boogie
07. Face To Face
08. Stay With Me
09. Tonight We Ride
10. When We Touch
11. Big Ole Long Red Hot Rod
12. Rock Me
13. Nadine

Band Members:
Rik Burnell – vocals
Ralph Longo – electric and acoustic guitars
Mark Freseman – guitar
Bryan Lujon – bass
James Bohn – drums

Eönian Records

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, November 2021

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