Mad Margritt – In The Name Of Rock

Mad Margritt - In The Name Of Rock
Released 1999 (Delinquent Records)

Track List:
02. Anyway (That You Want Me)
03. One Look In Your Eyes
04. Cold Sweat
05. Goodbye
06. In The Name Of Rock
07. Give It Up
08. Mirror Mirror
09. You And Me
10. Heaven’s On Fire

Band Members:
Eddie Smith – vocals
Michael V. Teeter – guitars
Steve Dietrich – bass
Danny Belli – drums

Picture yourself still in school and its 1987, your best friend calls you on the phone and says “Hey man! You gotta get over here, I just picked up a new album and it ROCKS!” You hustle over and coming from the speakers are the sounds that at first you would guess is a new Ratt or Poison release! Tunes like “Anyway (That You Want Me)”, “Give It Up” and “Cold Sweat” are excellent pieces of up-tempo, hook-laden, crankin’ in the car, catch yourself singing along, sleazy rock!

But wait, its not 1987!

Mad Margritt unequivocally have the 80’s hair band sound nailed and nailed hard! Just the way we like it, hot guitar licks, catchy hooks combined with great vocals!

The four guys from Mad Margritt formed in Miami, Florida in the early 90’s and released their debut CD Cold Sweat on their own record label in 1997. After local radio stations started playing songs like “Anyway (That You Want Me)” combined with extensive touring Mad Margritt caught the attention of Delinquent Records who released their aptly titled In The Name Of Rock full length CD comprising of songs from their self produced five song CD plus five more additional hard rocking tunes to complete its bombastic manifestation. No surprise the Atlanta Rock Awards presented Mad Margritt with the award “Best Rock Band”. I concur!

Reviewed by Rokk for Sleaze Roxx, March 2005.

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