Mama Kin – Partytime

Mama Kin - Partytime
Released 2003 (Mama Kin)

Track List:
01. Partytime
02. Show You Something
03. Boys Night Out
04. Downtown
05. Get It On

Chris Action – vocals and guitar
Rixie – bass
Eddie Arena – drums

Produced by Magnus Stinnerbom.

Here we have the second demo from the raunchy Swedish rockers Mama Kin. This time the band has squeezed out five original tunes for us, and the band seems to be in a better mood! Whereas the previous demo rammed itself down your throat, this release has more of a party atmosphere (which would explain the Partytime title!).

  Chris Action still has the gruff vocals that I like so much, a cross between KissPaul Stanley and Asphalt Ballet‘s Gary Jeffries. On this release the band has added some southern rock to their kick-you-in-the-nuts brand of hard rock. You just know Mama Kin is a band that delivers live — music like this is made for the stage. There isn’t a bad song here, just a great collection of aggressive barroom boogie.

  Would someone please sign this band! I think Mama Kin has the attitude to become the next Four Horsemen, something rock has needed for over ten years. Light up a smoke, grab a beer (better buy a case) and wander over to for some kick ass music.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2004.

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