Mama Kin – Three Is Company

Mama Kin - Three Is Company
Released 2002 (Mama Kin)

Track List:
01. Champagne, Chicks & Rock n’Roll
02. Mama Kin
03. Get Dirty
04. Eat My Love
05. Get The Fuck Out

Chris Action – vocals and guitar
Rixie – bass
Eddie Arena – drums and steelbell

Produced by The Stinns, Cribbhead and Mama Kin.

Mama Kin, named after an Aerosmith song, are a new Swedish trio that put the rock back into rock’n’roll. This is the
type of music you’d find in your favorite roughshod, smoke-filled bar. The group states
that they “wanted to start a band that was more image-driven, like Motley Crue,
Guns N Roses or Poison“–but they play a more stripped down version
of sleaze then any of the afore mentioned and have a sound on this EP more in common
with bands such as Circus Of Power, Four Horsemen and Gilby Clarke.

  Three Is Company contains three original songs and two covers. The
originals are standard barroom material, but that is not a bad thing. The songs
refuse to let up as they stomp three chord boogie riffs down your throat. Mama
cover Aerosmith‘s “Mama Kin” and Skid Row‘s “Get The Fuck Out”–both
songs sound great, but also have their own identity as singer Chris Action
has a far more guttural delivery then the original vocalists.

  All in all this is a commendable first effort. Sure, they aren’t breaking
any new ground here, but if the music kicks ass who cares, right? Check them out
for yourself at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2003.

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