Maximum – Just For Kicks

Maximum - Just For Kicks
Released 2002 (Sunset)

Track List:
01. Just For Kicks
02. Strictly Sexual
03. Candie Sweet
04. Lil’ Liar
05. Dancer
06. Pennies From Heaven
07. Live It Up
08. Missing You
09. One More Shot
10. Here Come Those Tears
11. Baby Stay
12. Skin To Skin
13. Mistake
14. Paint Me A Picture

Jim Gray – vocals
Danny Kopko – guitar and vocals
Craig LaPointe – bass
John Blout – drums and vocals

This is the debut album from this quartet, and even though the majority of it was recorded in the late 80’s, it ROCKS OUT! Songs such as “Just For Kicks”, “Strictly Sexual”, “Live It Up” and “Mistake” really rock. Tunes like “Here Come Those Tears” and “Paint Me A Picture” show their soft side.

  Maximum had good hooks, catchy songs and looked good. They remind me a lot of Poison with a touch of Motley Crue. I truly think they should have been famous and Just For Kicks gets two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, January 2003.

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