Michael Schenker Group – Live & Loud

Michael Schenker Group - Live & Loud

Released 2009 (Rockline Records)

Track List:
01. Doctor Doctor
02. Assault Attack
03. Written In The Sand
04. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
05. Feels Like A Good Thing
06. Lights Out
07. Captain Nemo
08. History
09. History II

Leif Sundin – vocals
Kelly Keeling – vocals
Michael Schenker – lead/acoustic guitars and backing vocals
Barry Sparks – bass, acoustic guitars and backing vocals
Shane Gaalaas – drums and acoustic guitars
Seth Bernstein – keyboards, acoustic guitars and backing vocals
Wayne Findlay – keyboards, rhythm guitars

Before you think Live & Loud is a fresh live album from the recently reunited Michael Schenker and Gary Barden, think again. Live & Loud is a nine song compilation which consists of live tracks culled from 1997’s The Michael Schenker Story Live and 1999’s The Unforgiven World Tour: Live.

  Oddly enough there’s a studio version of “Written In The Sand” with Kelly Keeling on vocals from 1999’s The Unforgiven included here, and even more odd are the two tracks that round out this album. Those two songs, entitled “History I” and “History II”, are simply narrative tracks – the first being in English and the second in German. Notable performances on Live & Loud are “Doctor Doctor” and “Assault Attack” from The Michael Schenker Story Live and “Captain Nemo” and “Lights Out” from The Unforgiven World Tour: Live.

  I look at Live & Loud similarly to the budget compilations that you’ll see on the truck stop counter that are strategically placed as you go to pay for your fuel, or the impulse buys that are stocked and placed with a band’s regular catalog at the big box stores. There is little thought put into these collections and the goal is to keep them in print for a short period of time, make a few bucks, and move on.

  Neither Michael Schenker nor his handlers had anything to do with this CD. If you pick up Live & Loud you will sample some of Schenker‘s work, and if nothing else, this could open the door for a fan to look deeper into the MSG back catalog.

  www.michaelschenkerhimself.com – www.myspace.com/michaelschenkerhimself – www.myspace.com/rocklinerecords

Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, December 2009.

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