Million Dollar Reload – A Sinners Saint

Million Dollar Reload - A Sinner's Saint

Released June 29, 2012 (Frontiers Records)

Track List:
01. Fight The System!
02. Bullets In The Sky
03. Blow Me Away
04. Can’t Tie Me Down
05. Broken
06. I Am The Rapture
07. Wicked
08. Smoke N Mirrors
09. Headrush
10. Pretty People
11. It Ain’t Over
12. Protest

Band Members:
Phil Conalane – vocals
Andy Mack – guitar and backing vocals
BAM – guitar and backing vocals
Kie McMurray – bass and backing vocals
Sean McKernan – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Neal Calderwood – string arrangement (5)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Neal Calderwood.

You’d think that scoring a major label deal would make the guys in Million Dollar Reload ecstatic. They likely are, but these young Irish rockers obviously feel they have something to prove — and in the process sound hungrier, meaner and more determined than ever.

You can throw this disc in the CD player, hit random, and you will come across a gem — that’s no word of a lie, A Sinner’s Saint is that good. With the same ferocity as early Buckcherry, Million Dollar Reload storm through 12 of the hardest hitting tracks put to plastic in recent memory. “Fight The System” kicks the disc off in hard rocking fashion, perfectly displaying Million Dollar Reload‘s venomous attack. Lead single “Bullets In The Sky” finds vocalist Phil Conalane doing his best Rhino Bucket impression with a modern edge — if this song doesn’t become a radio staple Frontiers Records aren’t trying hard enough. In fact, every Buckcherry song that has been polluting the airwaves in the last decade could easily be replaced by any gem from A Sinner’s Saint.

“Blow Me Away” does exactly what the title suggests and is quickly followed by the rip-snorting “Can’t Tie Me Down” with its killer riff and screaming vocals. One of my personal favorites is “Wicked” with its chorus of “I’ll say it all, just to get your dress of” — this is the type of song that just begs for a massive audience. “Smoke N Mirrors”, “Pretty People” and “It Ain’t Over” continue delivering flawless over-the-top hard rock, which is exactly what makes this album one for the ages. Commercial appeal, a phrase that I usually despise, is written all over A Sinner’s Saint — not because the band has sold out in any way, but due to their heavy, honest and authentic sound.

Million Dollar Reload
‘s sound may have ties to the mighty AC/DC, but calling them a copycat would be completely unfair as there is way more here than the standard three-chord attack. Instead it feels as if these guys are doing their best to make bands like AC/DC completely irrelevant — and judging by A Sinner’s Saint it might just be possible. This disc has an unbridled energy that more established acts haven’t been able to capture in decades. If there has to be a poster child for ‘the face of hard rock’ there is no one more worthy at this point in time than Million Dollar Reload. This disc is a strong — a very strong — contender for album of the year!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, August 2012

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