Molotow – feat. Rock & Roll

Molotow - feat. Rock & Roll
Released 2007 (Molotow Records)

Track List:
01. Stand Up And Shout
02. Magic Busses And Taxies
03. Surrender To Rock & Roll
04. Faraway
05. All Worn Out
06. Beam Me Up (For Glam And Glory)
07. Joe Sparky
08. The Edge
09. 80s
10. Godforsaken
11. Battlefield Rock
12. Warlords

Aleksander Eriksen – lead vocals and bass
Pal Grytnes – guitar and vocals
Andreas Sandven – guitar
Terje Sandvik – drums
Henning Johansson – keyboards and vocals

Produced by Aleksander Eriksen, Jonas Kroon and Molotow.

It looks like Crazy Lixx has some competition at the top of the slick-metal mountain, and that competition is in the form of Norway’s Molotow. I’m amazed at how polished and professional a new upstart band such as Molotow is able to sound, it is as if they are a group of seasoned musicians. But that isn’t the case, feat. Rock & Roll is their debut release, and the simple album title sums up the CD perfectly.

  “Grab your wig and leather pants – come join us for a ride – through the neon-lights and back in time – come on, let’s bring back the 80’s”. Those lyrics, taken from the song “80s”, give you a pretty good idea of what Molotow is trying to accomplish. And they accomplish it with catchy melodies, big hooks and a huge production, resulting in one of the better debut albums in the strong field of 2007.

  The album really kicks off with a scorcher in “Stand Up And Shout” which sounds like something the Babylon Bombs could have written thanks to its party and commercial atmosphere. “Magic Busses And taxies” follows a similar approach as does “Faraway”, a song that has really grown on me. “Surrender To Rock & Roll” is another great track with an infectious sing-a-long chorus. Meanwhile “Beam Me Up (For Glam And Glory)”, which I first heard on Glamnation Vol.1, is the type of syrupy song that usually drives me nuts, but this is done to perfection and the ‘talk box’ guitar effects work well. Sadly the second half of the CD doesn’t work near as well as the explosive first half.

  I have to give props to Molotow, for six songs they managed to compete with any glam/melodic band still playing these days. For the next six songs the band became more pedestrian, but still good. For a debut album I have to give these guys huge props, and I think they are onto something amazing, hopefully the rest of the music buying public will agree with me. –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2007.

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