MonteCarlo: ‘Synthetic World’ EP

To be released on August 11, 2023 (MonteCarlo)

Rising from the ashes of Mach22 and Juliet’s Vice who themselves had moderate success in opening for huge bands in the recent past, Philly rockers MonteCarlo have combined their experience and produced a six track EP, which will be available probably across all the usual platforms on August 11th this year.

Opening with the atmospheric spoken word title complete with a vaguely sinister backing, this is then followed by the grungy, insistent “Feed The Machine” which has drawn comparisons with the likes of Alice In Chains and Velvet Revolver and it’s not difficult to see why on the evidence of this still rather fine, neatly executed track. Lead off single “Poison In Your Head” continues in a similar vein adding a nice selection of harmonies, that gives  it a far more instant, accessible feel .

So far so good, but the bar is then raised even further with the stomping, chorus led “Drink Me Heavy” that is one of those songs which will stick in your head for quite some time, such is its immediacy. The Wednesday 13 inspired title “Dig Up Her Bones” is not nearly as gory or sonically harsh as you might expect, but rather a hard driving rocker with more fine harmonies. “Blood Red Rose” concludes proceedings and reverts back to Alice In Chains similarities but with added melody and yet another memorable chorus.

The production is crystal clear and the band members are practically flawless, with the rhythm section of Joe Mal on bass and Damian MonteCarlo’s drums impeccable throughout, and the twin guitars of Dan Parsels and Ahmed Smith providing understated and genuinely classy support to Albert Lepore’s perfectly suited vocals.

I hadn’t really expected to like this – due mainly to the many Alice In Chains references in the accompanying press release  and my not being a fan of that band – but if, like me, you are  a huge fan of hard, chorus driven quality rock with a slight grunge twist, then you should simply grab a copy of this impressive EP and enjoy.

Track List:
01. Synthetic World
02. Feed The Machine
03. Poison In Your Head
04. Drink Me Heavy
05. Dig Up Her Bones
06. Blood Red Rose

Band Members:
Albert Lepore – lead vocals
Dan Parsels – guitar
Ahmed Smith – guitar, vocals
Joe Mal – bass
Damian MonteCarlo – drums

Band Website:
YouTube – Dambert Entertainment

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, July 2023

MonteCarlo‘s “Poison In Your Head” video: