Mötley Crüe: ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’

Released on May 15, 1987 (Elektra)

Mötley Crüe in 1987 were suffering from the album/tour/album cycle. Something had to give. Let’s dissect just what the hell went haywire in the Crüe camp… Nikki Sixx (bass and main songwriter), Vince Neil (when he could sing), Tommy Lee (drums) and Mick Mars (guitar) are the culprits here…

For every Mötley Crüe classic album that I would consider top notch rock (Too Fast For Love and Mötley Crüe with John Corabi) there are some duds (Theatre Of Pain and Girls, Girls, Girls). Consider the bastard dead! Is that me?

“Wildside” — Wowzers! Sixx nails a grand slam right off the bat with this tune! With what Sixx is shovelling, I’m digging it here! “Wildside” is a well written piece of LA street rock. From the opening of Mars‘ wang bar diddle doodle and Lee playing some hard rock cool drum beats, Sixx slams a straight ahead Cliffy Williams of AC/DC fame bass line and boom! We’re off and running and hey, Vince man, sings this real good and the opening line of “Wildside” is the best written opening verse by a LA glam rock band ever….”Kneel down ye sinners To streetwise religion/Greed’s been crowned the new king/Hollywood dream teams, yesterday’s trash queens/Save the blessings for the final ring/Amen.” Amen indeed!

“Girls Girls Girls” — OK, let’s face it. This when I was 20 years old — this was cool. You know the background to this! Sleazy Vince tells the tales of how many bad ass stripper clubs the Crüe has visited like The Body Shop and The Marble Arch. I mean, the middle part where Tommy and Vince are whistling and calling each other’s names to check out the women is plain dumbo. Thought it was back in ’87 and more so in 2017! So for that blah! Poor Mick Mars by this point has no choice to go along with the gimmick. He plays some good guitar on this record but man, it’s amazing! You go from a deadly start with “Wildside” and quickly you start to meander around by track two!

“Dancing On Glass” — A big problem for me listening to this album is the production! Tom Werman handles the producer’s chair here and man, the sonics sound weak and sterile. Dull I guess would be the word. “Dancing On Glass” — I don’t know… Tommy pounds the drums into the ground but “Dancing On Glass” is really not a spectacular tune. It just never registered with me.

“Bad Boy Boogie” — Kinda like the somewhat aero groove here that starts the song. That’s about it. Actually, Mars plays a decent solo with Sixx slobbering all over his bass and laying down a decent line (ahem)! The lyrics about getting your hands caught in the cookie jar and getting banged in the back seat of your car are just plain out goofy doofus rock 101.

“Nona” — Hey, this is about Sixx‘s grandmother so it’s his band, his deal and who doesn’t love their grandma. That’s what my daughters call their grandma! It’s all good here man, all good.

“Five Years Dead” — Side two starts with some promise! I dig Mars and his slide guitar playing over the years. I like his style more now than I did back in the day as poor Mick was buried under a avalanche of LA hot shots! Yeah, this song has a neat groove and aero like shuffle — pretty damn good.

“All In The Name Of Rock N Roll” — Drugs, boobs, sex, young girls are on tap for this tune. Tommy smashes the drums at the beginning and Mick joins in as well. Nikki plays a decent bass line but the over dubbed guitars just ruin this song. I mean, they’re an ear sore to me anyways if that means anything! Not to Sixx as he cashed his zillion dollar cheque at the bank on the sales of the Girls, Girls, Girls album.

“Sumthin For Nuthin” — Track eight and pure genius! This is a great great song! Love the groove as it just reeks old school rock. The chorus is just plain sick! Cowbell Tommy and the band lay down a real solid song. “Sumthin For Nuthin” in and out is Never free yodels sleazy Vince and man, I’m buying what they’re selling! Hahaha… I like the gang like backing vocals.

“You’re All I Need” — Sleazy Vince sings in a register so high that my parents probably thought I was skinning the family cat. Ha… seriously though, I guess Sixx thought “we hit paydirt with ‘Home Sweet Home'” so let’s do it again. Not exactly! Guess this song is about some guy who offs his ex girlfriend. You know the deal when he doesn’t want anyone else seeing his ex. Not really power ballad material. Hahaha…. like if “Every Rose Has It Thorn” went cuckoo is “You’re All I Need.”

“Jailhouse Rock (live)” — Live? Blah? Not? This is a waste man! Poor Elvis! Let’s slap some audience on a studio track and call it live. This is brutal man. This album finished after “Sumthin For Nuthin!” Arena rock filler these last two tracks and I bought this album twice! Deke + Girls, Girls, Girls album + $$$ spent = Sucka!

In conclusion, Sixx Sixx Sixx and his bag of Trix fooled a young me and you know what, in my rock circles, no one ever really talked about this album. What people did talk about was the live show with Lee going 360 in his drum cage and the cool looking strip club stage. That’s what people talked about and when I went to see the Crüe on the Feelgood tour (1990), only “Girls Girls Girls” and “Wildside” were played and that pretty much tells the tale of said record. Even Sixx, Lee, sleazy V and Mick M even knew the deal!

I can say what I want but bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Judas Priest and Mötley Crüe are firmly implanted in my DNA so I guess Sixx is having the last laugh after all… Maybe three songs I dig here, four tunes tops! And I bought the damn thing twice??! I think I should be committed!

Track List:
01. Wild Side
02. Girls, Girls, Girls
03. Dancing On Glass
04. Bad Boy Boogie
05. Nona
06. Five Years Dead
07. All In The Name of…
08. Sumthin’ For Nuthin’
09. You’re All I Need
10. Jailhouse Rock

Band Members:
Vince Neil – vocals
Mick Mars – guitars, backing vocals
Nikki Sixx – bass, backing vocals
Tommy Lee – drums, piano, backing vocals

Additional Musicians:
Bob Carlisle – backing vocals
Dave Amato – backing vocals
John Purdell – backing vocals
Pat Torpey – backing vocals
Phyllis St. James – backing vocals
Tommy Funderburk – backing vocals

Produced by Tom Werman
Engineered and mixed by Duane Baron
Vinyl mastering by Bob Ludwig
CD mastering by Stephen Innocenzi

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Deke for Sleaze Roxx, May 2017

Mötley Crüe‘s “Wild Side” video:

Mötley Crüe‘s “Girls Girls Girls” video:

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