Mr. Myst: ‘7 Deadly Sins’

To be released on September 1, 2023 (Mr. Myst)

Following on from their fairly well received 2019 full-length debut We Will Rise, Belgium rockers Mr. Myst open their slightly delayed second album with the pseudo-Gregorian style chant which is mercifully short and leads into the gang styled “Ghosts” complete with rather plaintive vocals and a neat guitar solo. Why the opening chant was included is anyone’s guess but it certainly didn’t add to the atmosphere and even detracted from the possible impact of “Ghosts”.

The title track is a driving, gritty rocker that ticks a lot of sleazy boxes and discards the earlier pretentions in favour of welcomed no nonsense rock that continues in similar style with the chorus led “Breakdown”, before you get the snarling “This Is What Women Do” where you can almost feel the break-up anger seething from every note.

The epic and rather overlong ballad “Goodbye My Friend” features guest vocals from Discordia’s Piet Overstijus that are certainly passionate in the delivery of a probably well intentioned and personal song, but is just unfortunately not particular memorable despite fine ensemble playing throughout. The cover of Michael Sembello’s Flashdance mega hit “Maniac” is a surprising choice but one that the band pull off in fairly sinister fashion with Mr JSD’s vocals giving it a neat serial killer infused vibe. “Jack D” is the album stand-out track for me as it pulls no punches and goes for a more simplistic, straight ahead almost party rock style, before they return to more familiar territory with the slightly messy jam of “Vanity” that ends by telling us to “fuck off”  which just comes across as churlish and a very lame attempt at rebellion. Yawn.

That being said, the production by guitarist Atticus Myst is as crisp as his solid guitar work on every track, and the rhythm section of Eddy on bass and Vy Severus on drums offer sterling support throughout. Mr JSD’s vocals start off rather plainly and even shaky but settle down as the album progresses and are seemingly far more suited to the rockier tracks such as “Breakdown” and “Jack D.”

Mr. Myst are better when they leave the opening pretensions and epic balladry behind and concentrate on the sleazy side of things. There are two or three  good – possibly even great – tracks on here and there is an element of later Skid Row influences permeating the proceedings; so if that is your particular thing then you may well want to give this a listen.

Track List:
01. Spiritus Sancte
02. Ghosts
03. 7 Deadly Sins
04. Breakdown
05. This Is What Woman Do
06. Goodbye My Friend feat. Piet Overstijns
07. Maniac
08. Jack D
09. Vanity

Band Members:
Mr JSD – vocals
Atticus Myst – guitar, backing vocals
Eddy – bass
Vy Severus – drums

Additional Musicians:
Piet Overstijus – vocals (6)

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, August 2023

Mr. Myst‘s “Jack D” video: