Nancy Boys: ‘Live at the Basement’ EP

Released in December 2022 (Nancy Boys)

A swift double take ensured that this isn’t a comeback from those mid-’90s lipstick smeared, grunge affected pseudo glam-sters Nancy Boy that featured the son of one of The Monkees and QuireboysNigel Mogg among others; but another retro influenced, Paris based set of glam stompers who have simply affixed a plural to their name to presumably avoid such a comparison!

This first offering kicks off with “Nancies Are Coming To Town” that revels in the rhyming couplet “Nancies are coming to town so come on get your knickers down” which immediately sets expectations to a less than moderate level. The production is poor —  sounding like it was recorded on an I-phone at best — which doesn’t help matters in the slightest. “Swap Club Stud” suffers the same fate despite the best preening efforts of singer and chief songwriter Matt “Naughty” Boy and a real stomping song  potential buried somewhere in the mix.

“Gimme Love” sees the production level seemingly upped a little in clarity, allowing the first real glimpse of their shambolic quality, and “Bondage Love” has guitarist Fred “Poster” Boy in full on Johnny Thunders mode, whilst the rhythm section of Lionel “Pretty” Boy on bass and Nick “Golden” Boy on drums acquit themselves in the same ramshackle fashion.

It is fun, despite the opening swampy style production, but the title of this EP belies the fact that it only sounds “live” in the fact that it was probably recorded in one take, as opposed to in front of a possibly enthusiastic crowd who may well have added to the otherwise distinctly lacking atmosphere. The lyrics are of course firmly tongue-in-cheek and Matt “Naughty” Boy is well suited to frontman duties, but you do have to wonder why they didn’t wait to release a fuller, better produced album than this patchy four-song EP.

A few years ago, the likes of Hammered Satin, Creem Circus and Streak heralded the return of this campy, sleaze glam styled genre and Nancy Boys have the potential to add to that list, perhaps  even outlasting those short lived bands. Personally though, I think I’ll wait for the debut album — if there is one — and see if they can completely realize that possibility.

Track List:
01. Nancies Are Coming To Town
02. Swap Club Stud
03. Gimme Love
04. Bondage Love

Band Members:
Matt “Naughty” Boy, – lead vocals
Fred “Poster” Boy – guitar
Lionel “Pretty” Boy – bass
Nick “Golden” Boy – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, January 2023

Nancy Boys‘ “Nancies Are Coming To Town” video: