Nasty Kixx – Hometown Blues

Nasty Kixx - Hometown Blues
Released 2004 (Nasty Kixx)

Track List:
01. Junkyard Scene
02. The Next Girl In Line
03. Ain’t It A Shame
04. The Clown
05. The Story Continues
06. A Bastard Song
07. Gotta Get Out
08. You Were Right
09. It’s Alright
10. Tragedy

Trash Can Dan – vocals and guitar
Fabio Esteban – guitar and backing vocals
Dr. Denial – bass and backing vocals
Bastard – drums and backing vocals
Burt Backfire – keyboards and backing vocals

Produced by .

Nasty Kixx is back with their third set of demos, and it is interesting to see how the band has progressed since I first heard them. With Hometown Blues they have added a keyboardist that expands their sound, even leading to this album getting an official release later.

  Taking a look at the four new songs, “Junkyard Scene” is a darker rocker with a great guitar solo and subtle use of the keyboards. “The Next Girl In Line” is a garage-punk song that musically would have fit on Alice Cooper‘s latest release. “The Story Continues” has a great beat and the guitars shine through once again, while “You Were Right” might be the best of the new songs.

  The keyboard is a very nice addition; being used just enough to fatten the group’s sound. The guitar mastery of Fabio Esteban is still the strong point of the band, and everything finishes off with an aggressive version of Hanoi Rocks‘ “Tragedy”. All in all the band keeps going in the right direction, and is a worthwhile listen. The website is

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2004.

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