Nazty Gunz: ‘Sleaze ‘n’ Crazy’

Released on November 18, 2022 (Nazty Gunz)

I was only vaguely aware of Chilean sleaze rockers Nazty Gunz prior to receiving their latest album, so was  intrigued as to what it would be like, having read some distinctly harsh and often cruel comments online recently.

“Better Than Me” kicks off proceedings well and is a driving thumper complete with gang style chorus and the first of many Eich G guitar solos,  seguing into the lengthy “Drive Me Crazy” that has a slight Hardcore Superstar essence to it which is obviously no bad thing in most cases including this one. Things then take a severe dip with the slightly slower “Over My Feet” which suffers possibly from lyrics that are perhaps lost in translation, along with weak and strained sounding vocals. The same criticism can be levelled at lead-off single “I’m Not” which does at least rock slightly harder despite the memorably daft lyrics.

The fuzzy “Old Love” and adequate attempt at a radio friendly track in “Feel My Heart” leads into the silly, lumpen “S.S.S. (Sex Shake Show)”, and “Nazty Gunz” which if you are going to do a track after the band name then it should at least be memorable — Mötorhead’s “Mötorhead” being an obvious case in point — sadly, this isn’t. The standard “Dark City” and “Take Your Dress” also blend into each other before an efficient but unexciting rendition of “Creatures of The Night”.

The production is ok and the rhythm section of Javier Mesh on bass and Jorg on drums is solid, and Eich G provides nifty guitar breaks as and when required. The problem is mainly that the songs are, for the most part, unmemorable and often difficult to distinguish from one another — with the exception of the opening track and possibly “Feel My Heart.” The vocals of Nazty Blackrose (honestly) are enthusiastic but more often than not sound forced and strained which doesn’t help matters in the slightest, although his rhythm guitar work is firmly on point throughout.

There are a lot of positives in that the band can play and appear to have a cool attitude, but they really do require far better songs to add to their cannon and elevate them from the run of the mill, sleaze by numbers tracks that appear here.

Track List:
01. Better Than Me
02. Drive Me Crazy
03. Over My Feet
04. I’m Not
05. Old Love
06. Feel My Heart
07. S.S.S. (Sex Shake Show)
08. Nazty Gunz
09. Dark City
10. Take Your Dress
Bonus Track:
11. Creatures of The Night

Band Members:
Nazty Blackrose – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Eich G – lead guitar
Javier Meph – bass
Jorg – drums

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, January 2023

Nazty Gunz‘s “I’m Not” lyric video: