Nymphs: ‘Nymphs’

Released in 1991 (Geffen); reissued on November 18, 2016 (Rock Candy Records)

Nymphs’ ‘self-titled’ debut was recently reissued by [U.K. based] Rock Candy Records to launch their North American distribution through Universal Music. Nymphs are one of four titles to hit the record store racks and online outlets on November 18th, 2016.

The legend of Nymphs’ [albeit underground] is one of notoriety. Frontwoman Inger Lorre is said to have urinated on the desk of a Geffen Records executive [Tom Zutaut] whom she held personally responsible for ‘shafting’ Lorre and company. Then there was the rivalry between Nymphs and Hole or more specifically Inger Lorre versus  Courtney Love. One thing that’s undeniable is that Nymphs were ‘alternative rock’ and it was cool. One can say that Nymphs pioneered the ‘alternative rock’ movement that years later would evolve into ‘grunge’ and would help wipe out the second wave of glam rock.

While not exactly grunge, The Nymphs certainly could go toe to toe with bands like Nirvana and Alice And Chains and the like. As per usual, the Rock Candy Records liners are a great companion piece to the music and add a great backstory to the recording of the album. Lorre doesn’t pull any punches and speaks her mind in a newly conducted interview specifically for this Rock Candy Records reissue. The “go to” tracks on Nymphs are “The Highway” and “Imitating Angels.” You might have missed or passed on the Nymphs’ first initial run. Don’t let that happen again — you will not be disappointed.

Track List:
01. Just One Happy Day
02. Cold
03. Cats
04. Imitating Angels
05. Wasting My Day
06. Heaven
07. Supersonic
08. Sad And Damned
09. Death Of A Scenester
10. The River
11. Revolt
12. The Highway

Band Members:
Inger Lorre – vocals
Geoff Siegel – guitar
Sam Merrick – guitar
Alex Krist – drums
Cliff D. – bass

Guest Musicians:
Iggy Pop – vocals (7)

Produced by Bill Price

Rock Candy Records

Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, December 2016

Nymphs‘ “Imitating Angels” video:

“Imitating Angels” Video The Nymphs

This is the last video the band did. It was shot at the Whisky in Los Angeles. The bad broke up a few months after it was filmed–on stage in Miami, Florida….

Nymphs‘ “Sad And Damned” video:

Nymphs “Sad And Damned”

Original Promotional VHS Video from DGC