Odin – Fight For Your Life

Odin - Fight For Your Life
Released 1988 (Victor), 2001 (Perris)

Track List:
01. 12 O’Clock High
02. Love Action
03. She Was the One
04. I Get What I Want
05. Serenade to the Court
06. Modern Day King
07. Stranger Tonight
08. Time and Time Again
09. I’m Gonna Get You
10. Push
11. Fight For Your Life

Randy “O” – vocals
Jeff Duncan – guitar
Aaron Samson – bass
Shawn Duncan – drums

This California quartet really knows how to rock! Songs like “12 O’Clock High”, “Love Action”, “Modern Day King”, “I’m Gonna Get You” and “Fight For Your Life” really kick ass! There is also a nice instrumental called “Serenade To The Court”. Their sound is reminiscent of the early 80’s Sunset Strip bands, with the soaring (and screeching) vocals of Randy O.

  Odin appeared in “The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years”, as the band that was being pushed by club owner Bill Gazzari. Unfortunately, Odin received nothing more then cult status in their heyday. The band occasionally reforms for shows, and Fight For Your Life receives two thumbs up.

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, June 2003.

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