Overloaded – Hellfire EP

Overloaded - Hellfire EP
Released 2005 (No Deal Records)

Track List:
01. Hellfire
02. Shotgun City
03. Zygote
04. Heavy Metal Highway

Chris Gillen – vocals
Erik Kluiber – guitar
John Sullens – guitar
Michael Massie – bass
Lorenzo Gonzalez – drums

Talk about stepping back in time. Throwing Overloaded‘s latest EP into the CD player took me back to Slave To The Grind era Skid Row. Just like that album this one is filled with heavy aggression, angry vocals and top-notch music. Detroit has always been the breeding ground for music like this and Overloaded is the latest in a long list of great performers from the Motor City.

  “Hellfire” is just over three minutes of machinegun drumming, heavy leads and ear shattering screams and “Shotgun City” is more of the same, racing down the sleaze path made famous by bands like Spread Eagle. Vocalist Chris Gillen sounds like Sammy Hagar on “Heavy Metal Highway”, a rocker that makes “I Can’t Drive 55” sound like a theme song for senior citizens.

  The only tune here that didn’t impress me was “Zygote”; it just seems out of place with its trippy experimentations. However the other three songs more then make up for that lackluster track, and these guys can have a successful career spewing out sleaze. At least one of these scorchers would have made my end of the year list if this EP would have gotten into my hands a little sooner. The Hellfire EP just begs to be played at 11 and I highly recommended it. It can be purchased at either www.overloadedmusic.com or www.cdbaby.com.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2006.

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