Paradice – Sex, Lipstick & Rock’N’Roll

Paradice - Sex, Lipstick & Rock'N'Roll
Released 2003 (Paradice)

Track List:
01. Give Me Action
02. F.F.
03. Lady Of A Thousand Dreams
04. Goddess Of Love
05. Pain And Pleasure
06. Bad Girl
07. Alone Again
08. Make It Hot
09. Rock And Roll
10. We Want Rock

Magdalena – vocals
Theodor Paine – guitar
John Gunner – bass
Karl Thunder – drums

Additional Musicians:
Linus Nirbrant – backup vocals
Tobbe Sillman – backup vocals
Anders Eriksson – backup vocals

Recorded by Anders Eriksson.

Sweden’s Pairadice has returned with a slightly revamped lineup and a new demo that continues with their dirty glam sound. Sex, Lipstick & Rock’N’Roll — great title by the way — includes three songs from the previous demos and seven songs that would have fit on the debut. Magdalena still has her beautiful rough voice, but musically the band seems to have improved over the last year.

  Theodor makes a valiant attempt at taking over this recording with some incredible riffs — check out “F.F.” (no idea what that stands for), “Goddess Of Love” and “Make It Hot” for proof — but no one is taking a backseat without a fight. “Lady Of A Thousand Dreams” is a departure for the band, more of a moody melodic number remincent of early Lee Aaron. A cool addition is a poor sounding audience recorded video of Pairadice covering Skid Row‘s “Youth Gone Wild” on the CD-ROM portion of the disc. Once again the band can be found at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2004.

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