Passion Risk – Passion Risk

Passion Risk - Passion Risk
Released 2000 (Metal Mayhem)

Track List:
01. Need You Tonite
02. Call My Name
03. In My Arms
04. You Are The One
05. Chatterbox
06. Without You
07. Summertime Lover
08. Talk Is Cheap
09. Where Have You Run
10. I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True

Kevin – vocals and guitar
Matt – guitar
J.C. – bass
Greg – drums

Produced by Steve Murphy.

Passion Risk is the self-titled debut album from this young quartet, and it is very good! Songs like “Need You Tonight”, “Talk Is Cheap” and “I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True” rock out, while “Without You” and “Summertime Lover” are good ballads.

  Passion Risk at times sounds like Danger Danger and guitarist Matt looks a lot like Mike Tramp of White Lion. This band looks and sounds great; they have a lot of potential. Passion Risk gets two thumbs up from me!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, January 2003.

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