Pleasure Addiction – InDependence

Pleasure Addiction - InDependence

Pleasure Addiction - InDependence

Released June 1, 2012 (Shotgun Generation Records)

Track List:
01. Dance
02. My Superstar
03. Shout It Out
04. No More Me, No More You
05. Couldn’t Live Without You
06. Saturday Nite
07. Melody
08. Shot Of Poison
09. Couldn’t Live Without You (Samba version)

Butcho – vocals
Carvin – lead guitar
Bady – guitar
Stuffy – bass
Pamyz – drums

Additional Musicians:
Sarah Layssac – backing vocals
Olivier Campana – backing vocals
Franck Senechal – backing vocals

Produced by Stephan Brulez.

They come from France! Maybe they could tour with Motley Crue on their farewell tour and stop in at the Crazy Horse in Paris — because glam and Paris belong together, and Pleasure Addiction prove it.

  InDependence is a tight offering of ’80s style raucousness. The upbeat songs on the album bring you back to the height of the ’80s when everyone was wearing leather or jean jackets in the middle of the summer. Positive and upbeat music, three part harmonies, and lyrics about partying with the girl that you want will make you forget about all your troubles for a few minutes — that’s what the ’80s were all about.

  The musicianship from Pleasure Addiction is very good to, and the song “Shout It Out” has it all on display. It starts with a heavy groove that features a little bit of everything, great drums and solid bass, along with brilliant guitar work… and that’s just within the first 20 seconds of the song — although it continues throughout. It is a transition song that goes from fast to slow and back, and the vocals are frequently backed with harmony. Add to all this a message of positive energy — ‘shout it out, to become stronger, don’t forget your future now belongs to you’. It’s a great message, right?

  “Couldn’t Live Without You” has a groove that makes me think of Firehouse, and that’s a compliment considering they were one of the best glam bands of the ’80s. “Saturday Nite” is sure to wind up in my party play list as I can imagine this song sounds amazing live. “Shot Of Poison” is kind of ironic — not only is it a great song but it kind of has a Poison feel to it. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, but the lyrics stating, ‘Gimme me one kiss of your lips, or gimme one shot of poison’ make me wonder if the band are fans of the cult TV show, Firefly. If you haven’t seen the show, get it — it’s great.

  As I listened to InDependence, I kept wondering if I was going to hear a ballad. Finally, one arrived on the last track of the album, “Couldn’t Live Without You (Samba version)”, but it isn’t a typical ballad. Instead it is exactly what the name of the song implies, and honestly I like this better than the typical four chord power ballad. There are a few great ones, lots of good ones, and a lot more bad ones, but this is a very creative remake of a really good song — I dig it. There isn’t a bad song on this album, every one of them are very well written by a talented band. All of the songs have catchy hooks and great guitar. Where is all this talent on the radio in the United States? Seriously, this seems to be a recurring theme for me whenever I review an underground band. Even the bands that I like the least are better than most any mainstream ‘rock’ these days.

  Pleasure Addiction is great, and I don’t know how they do in France but I am jealous of the people there. Pleasure Addiction needs to come to the US, and hook up on a tour with bands like 3D In Your Face and Steel Panther. I’d follow that tour like a hippie following the Grateful Dead… except I’d shower.

Reviewed by William Telltale for Sleaze Roxx, February 2014

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