Pretty Maids – Future World

Pretty Maids - Future World
Released 1987 (Epic)
Billboard Chart Position #165

Track List:
01. Future World
02. Loud ‘N’ Proud
03. Love Games
04. Yellow Rain
05. Rodeo
06. We Came To Rock
07. Needles In The Dark
08. Eye Of The Storm
09. Long Way To Go

Ronnie Atkins – vocals
Ken Hammer – guitar
Allan Delong – bass
Phil Moorhead – drums
Alan Owen – keyboards

organ Fisher – keyboards

Produced by Eddie Kramer.

Future World was the third release from the Danish quintet known as the Pretty Maids. To put it quite simply, this album rocks! Songs like “Future World”, “We Came To Rock” and “Loud ‘N’ Proud” really jam, while cuts such as “Love Games” and “Eye Of The Storm” show the bands softer side.

  The playing throughout the album is very strong. I’m glad that the band is still together and putting out new music, I hope one day they the recognition they deserve. I give Future World two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, February 2003.

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