RadioVipers – The Morning Sunburst

RadioVipers - The Morning Sunburst
Released 2005 (RadioVipers/MML)

Track List:
01. Boom Baby
02. Do You Wanna?
03. Next Step To You
04. Take A Look
05. House Of Beggars
06. Pusher
07. Last Day Here
08. Pigs In The Mud
09. Body From Mars
10. untitled

Mez Ryan – vocals
Manny Pearl – guitars
Sarah Stripe – bass
Iggy Street – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Rudy B – co-lead vocals (5)
Tito De Signoribus – harmonica (3)
Dae Perilli – bass

Produced by RadioVipers.

The Morning Sunburst takes me back to a time when rock was simple and fun, a time when more thought was put into entertaining then showing off how fast or technically inclined one is. The RadioVipers have obviously been influenced by seventies hard rock, sleaze metal and good old southern rock and mix the genres to perfection. With a heavy Italian accent the band of three men and one female rip through Bad Company influenced roots rock on this entertaining romp.

  On tracks like “House Of Beggars” and “Pusher” I am reminded of the retro band Cry Of Love. That comparison may not make for the most original music around, but this type of music relies more on feel than innovation. “Do You Wanna” is the type of song many people wish Aerosmith were still able to write, and the slide guitar is a nice touch. When “Take A Look” hit the speakers I was taken back to the BulletBoys debut album, an excellent song that uses some deep and seductive vocals. The musicianship is top-notch throughout this release without being flashy or pretentious, this is simply a fun album to spin.

  This entire disc is high energy except for the Tyketto like “Last Day Here”, but even it doesn’t fall into the ballad category. I am constantly being amazed at how many incredible new bands are coming from across the ocean, the musical climate in some of these countries has to be much better than here. Either that, or people over there still enjoy going to a club and drinking to the music of an entertaining hard rock band. Whatever the reason, the RadioVipers are another foreign band that are worth the price of admission. Help support a rock revolution by checking out their well designed website at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, June 2005.

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