Raging Slab – Raging Slab

Raging Slab - Raging Slab
Released 1989 (BMG), 2000 (Axe Killer)
Billboard Chart Position #113

Track List:
01. Don’t Dog Me
02. Joy Ride
03. Sorry’s All I Got
04. Waiting For The Potion
05. Get Off My Jollies
06. Shiny Mama
07. Geronimo
08. Bent For Silver
09. Love Comes Loose
10. Dig A Hole
11. San Loco
12. Workin’ For RCA (live *2000 remaster only*)
13. Don’t Dog Me (live *2000 remaster only*)

Band Members:
Gregory Strzempka – vocals and guitar
Elysa Steinman – guitar
Mark Middleton – guitar
Alec Morton – bass
Bob Pantella – drums

Additional Musicians:
Ray Gillen – background vocals
Tony Scaglione – percussion
Steve Wacholz – percussion
Norm Chynoweth – piano

Produced by Daniel Rey.

Raging Slab‘s self titled disc was an incredible example of guitar driven hard rock with southern overtones. The single “Don’t Dog Me” kicks off the disc in excellent fashion, displaying Elysa Steinman‘s mastery of the bottleneck guitar and Greg Strzempka‘s southern drawl. Other standout tracks include “Joy Ride”, “Get Off My Jollies”, “Bent For Silver” and “Shiny Mama” which includes what could be one of the shortest yet awe-inspiring solos in all of hard rock!

The re-issued version of Raging Slab includes two live bonus tracks in “Don’t Dog Me” and “Workin’ For RCA (a take on Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s “Workin’ For MCA”). There really isn’t a bad song on this disc, and the triple-guitar attack really set the band apart from their counterparts. Sadly, New York’s Raging Slab has floundered in relative obscurity, but that doesn’t prevent his album from getting two big thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003.

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