Rebel Storm – The Hard Way

Rebel Storm - The Hard Way
Released 2003 (Rebel Storm)

Track List:
01. No Settled Man
02. True To My Baby
03. Livin’ On The Tracks
04. Midnight Traveler
05. A Little Lovin’
06. Firefly Lightnin’
07. True Tales Of The Black Forest
08. Gals From Mississippi
09. Treat Me Right
10. Stateline
11. Like A Fool
12. Standin’ In The Rain

Billy Moss – guitar and vocals
Troy Moss – guitar
Don Swensen – bass and vocals
Bobby Nesbitt – drums
Joe Turnbull – keyboards and vocals

Additional Musicians:
Joe Riggio – guitar
Jeff Moss – backing vocals (1 & 3)

Produced by Joe Riggio, Jeff Moss and Rebel Storm.

Rebel Storm kick off their disc with the rocking “No Settled Man”, but things
quickly go downhill from there. The majority of the album sounds more like something
you would hear at a lounge or wedding reception rather than a smoke-filled bar.

  The group does have flashes of brilliance, such as the previously mentioned
“No Settled Man”, “Midnight Traveler”, “Firefly Lightnin'” and “Standin’ In the Rain”.
But as a whole the album is just too
harmless and generic. When you check out the band picture though, the members look
like seasoned veterans of the southern rock circuit, its just too bad they play it so

  Obviously Rebel Storm has the talent, but The Hard Way fails
to capitalize on their strengths. The band can be found at, but to me, this
“storm” is more like a light rain, harmless and mostly forgettable.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003.

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