Reverse Grip – Hunger For Chaos

Reverse Grip - Hunger For Chaos

Released September 11, 2012 (Es Rever Records)

Track List:
01. Enjoy The Chaos
02. Sold My Soul
03. The Fire
04. Midnight Fox
05. Dancing On A Bullet
06. Mirror Mirror
07. Tease Me
08. Looking To Score
09. Quick & Dirty
10. You’re Going Down

Band Members:
Dru Broda – vocals
Sean Broda – guitar
Eskander Mirza – bass
Dylan Broda – drums

Hunger For Chaos is the first full-length album by the Canadian rock band Reverse Grip. In 2011, the group released an EP titled Nasty Reputation that showcased the band’s love of eighties party anthems.

Debut albums are always interesting to me — some bands claim innocence, as if they are entering a new world full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but this is not the case with this album. On Hunger For Chaos, Reverse Grip come across as if they created the rock and roll lifestyle, and are THE party band of the moment.

The album kicks off with “Enjoy The Chaos”, which is one of my favorite tunes on the disc. I’m a sucker for great intros, and this song had me visualizing myself driving a hot car on Route 66 and then pressing down hard on the gas as the guitars hit. The lyrics and chorus are a celebration of fighting and partying, so this is really the perfect track to set the tone for this record. The next track, “Sold My Soul”, is heavy on celebrating rock ‘n’ roll and sounds like a song Gene Simmons of KISS or Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue would have recorded on one of their recent efforts. “The Fire” and “Midnight Fox” are catchy tunes that are followed by “Dancing On A Bullet”, which I have to say is in my all-time top five of greatest song names.

The songs on Hunger For Chaos build on the momentum shown during the Nasty Reputation EP — Reverse Grip may not have matured on covered topics, but have as musicians. The songs are faster, more gritty (in a sleazy way), and heavy on catchy riffs and hooks — all playing to the strengths of this band. If the opener is my favorite tune then “Tease Me” and “Looking To Score” are a close second and third. The latter showcases Dru Broda‘s vocal range, reaching low into the gravel section of his voice only to finish high with the big chorus.

Reverse Grip‘s Hunger For Chaos is a start to finish memoir on drinking, partying, and fighting… all in the name of rock and roll! This album is a huge step forward for this band and another great rock and roll entry for 2012. I’m excited to see the future for this band, but for now will enjoy the moment and enjoy Hunger For Chaos.

Reviewed by David S. Grant (author of Rock Stars) for Sleaze Roxx, October 2012

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